Path No. 22

Linking the mountains of Parnassos and Parnitha, Path No. 22 begins at the village of Agoriani in Parnassos and winds its way through the mountains of Kirfi, Elikonas, Korombili, Kitheronas, and Pastra, continuing on to the Bafi refuge in Parnitha.

In Elikonas the hiker will pass through the Valley of the Muses and the rougher parts of Zagaras, leading to the village of Askri, as well as the localities of Ypokrini and Chaliki. The path continues over paved and unpaved roads through the Koromilia area, climbing up to the village of Agia Anna. You may also reach Paliovouna on one part of the road, while another goes to Arvanitsa, continuing up to the village of Elikonas (or Zeriki). The path goes further uphill to Ronies, and then down to the village of Kyriaki. At this point you’re back on a paved road and path to the ancient site of Stiris and the magnificent monastery of Osios Loukas. Path 22 also links the monastery to the seaside through Medea. In addition, there are steep paths that are signposted passing from Akrino Nero in Arahova to higher parts of Parnassos or down to Davlia and the monastery of Saint Jerusalem.


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