Linking the mountains of Parnassos and Parnitha, Path No. 22 begins at the village of Agoriani in Parnassos and winds its way through the mountains of Kirfi, Elikonas, Korombili, Kitheronas, and Pastra, continuing on to the Bafi refuge in Parnitha.

In Elikonas the hiker will pass through the Valley of the Muses and the rougher parts of Zagaras, leading to the village of Askri, as well as the localities of Ypokrini and Chaliki. The path continues over paved and unpaved roads through the Koromilia area, climbing up to the village of Agia Anna. You may also reach Paliovouna on one part of the road, while another goes to Arvanitsa, continuing up to the village of Elikonas (or Zeriki). The path goes further uphill to Ronies, and then down to the village of Kyriaki. At this point you’re back on a paved road and path to the ancient site of Stiris and the magnificent monastery of Osios Loukas. Path 22 also links the monastery to the seaside through Medea. In addition, there are steep paths that are signposted passing from Akrino Nero in Arahova to higher parts of Parnassos or down to Davlia and the monastery of Saint Jerusalem.



Location: Central Greece › Viotia

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Agios Vasilios Beach

Lush greenery and pine trees surround this wonderful beach which has a lot of fish taverns, as well as opportunities for canoeing.

East side of Parnassos

Paranssos has been designated as a National Park as far back as 1938, full of rare flora and fauna. Animal species include woodpeckers, jackals, foxes, wild lizards, adders, wolves, badgers and wild boars. The south and east regions of the mountain have been designated as Natura 2000 regions. Wonderfully picturesque paths and summits grace the eastern side of Parnassos, including Liakoura, Mavra Litharia, Koukos, Tzarko and Gerodovrahos to name a few.

Panaghia Kalamiotissa Beaches

Clean seas, calm waters and beautiful shores await you, particularly at Alyki in Tarsus. Local boats can take you to the little islands of Daskalio and Abelos.

Kalamaki Beach

On the way to Agios Vasilis you will come to a beach with mixed sand and pebbles, offering very clean water and a lovely landscape.

The Alpinists’ call

In the fall of every year the alpine associations of the region and local organizations organize the ‘Alpinists’ Call’ for people to embark on a different hiking path each time. Enquire about it locally if you’re there during the fall.

Efhidas’ historical route

An important hiking event takes place in Viotia yearly, known as ‘the revival of the feat of Efhidas’ where the Greeks where victorious against the Persians. The myth says that Efhidas ran Delphi to bring back purified fire from the sanctuary of Apollo in a mere 24 hours and then died of exhaustion. Today, the 14-hour route is 107.5 kilometers and begins at Plataea, going through Kaparelli, Lefktra, Xironomi, Aghia Anna, Kyriaki, Stiri, Distomo and Arahova to reach Delphi. If you don’t want to try this amazing hike, you can go directly to Delphi and participate in the feast that takes place with dance, music and good local food.

Saranti and Agios Nikolaos Beach

Some 16 kilometers from Thisvi the beach of Saranti offers good swimming, and if you continue in a northwest direction you will get to the sandy shore of Agios Nikolaos, with a view of the Alkonides islands.

Antikyra beaches

The whole antikyra region offers great beaches, with the beach of Agios Isidoros being awarded a Blue Flag or its cleanliness. You can also swim near in the area of “Koutrou Port”

Mount Elikonas

There are numerous hikes that have been outlined around Mount Elikonas and will allow you to get a real feel of the nature and life around this venerable mountain.

Karachalios Beach

About 35 minutes from Kyriaki, this area offers seven beaches to choose form.

Distomo Beach

This is an organized beach over 4 kilometers long, starting from the Agios Nikolaos to Antikyra. It is more touristy in the high season (July-August) with nightlife and many restaurants.