Nas – Raches – 2 hours

As one of the island’s most beautiful and unique routes, the path leading hikers from the seaside village of Nas to the mountainous region of Raches, never fails to impress. The path runs through the Gorge of Halari, alongside its eponymous river, the largest found on the island.

The path begins from the road heading from Nas to Karkinagri, and after too metres, the river appears before us. Here, we’ll see a sign marking the beginning of the trail, which is indicated by small red markings. Entering into the ravine, we continue along the river’s side, reaching the first set of pine trees. Walkers should be careful to stay in the right direction due to pine needles covering the markers. Moving northward above the river, the route continues back south and becomes more discernible from this point. After about an hour, we reach a crossing with a wooden sign, pointing in the direction of the village of Agios Dimitrios, Raches. However, our route continues right, as we head towards the bridge of Loupastras about a 30-minute walk from this point. As the path becomes more and more downhill, we pass through large, burnt areas before reaching the river again. Shortly after, we arrive at the impressive stone bridge of Halari, where you can still see the remains of an old watermill. There is no trail marking for the rest of the path’s duration towards the villages of Proesperas. Our route takes us back to the uphill path which leads to another intersection. Taking a right here, the path leads on th Christos raches, while continuing straight, takes us to the village of Agios Dimitrios.

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