The climate and morphology of this area, including soil conditions and abundant water, has given rise to incredible flora. Forests of beech, cedar, chestnut, fir, oak and plane trees dominate these mountains, boasting 190 mushroom species (out of which 70 are edible). Also noteworthy are the beech woods of Mount Saradena, considered the southernmost such forest in Europe. Birds of all kinds are particularly abundant here. As a result, these mountains offer a great opportunity for some serious birdwatching.


Location: Central Greece › Aitolo-Akarnania

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Psani and Gribovo beaches, Nafpaktos

These are the beaches of Nafpaktos and are considered quite clean, with plane trees around the shore They are organized beaches with showers, yet luckily are not over-crowded, even in summer. Psani has even won a Blue Flag award.

Astakos Beach

Here’s a picturesque and quiet coastal down built on the mountainside, with a wonderful beach below. This is not a busy beach generally, and the town is close enough for a meal, a rest or even a calm, beach-side stay for a couple of days. Remains of Venetian castles, ancient Astakos and Cyclops cave are a plus.

Chiliadou Beach, near Nafpaktos

Lying 11 km east of Nafpaktos, Chiliadou or Hiliadou is a quaint village with a shore that’s just right for swimming. The beach is too kilometres long and is built up with restaurants and a couple of beach bars.

Tourlida beach, Mesolongi

There are a couple of beaches in the area of Mesolongi – one of which is Tourlida – and they usually don’t get crowded. The beaches are also a great spot for birdwatching, thanks to the nearby lake.