Molos Beach

Lying north of the main town, this organized beach (i.e. with rented umbrellas) offers many accommodation options and boasts a great sunset. It is one of the more popular beaches, long and sandy in a popular setting.


Location: Evia › Skyros

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Achili Beach

Also known as Ormos Achilis, this once virgin beach was tainted by efforts to turn it into a tourist marina. This project did not succeed and today it is deserted. Some parts are still attractive to visit though.

Kareflou Beach

Situated in Atsitsa bay north of Chora, this gorgeous sandy beach and turquoise waters are very attractive for a dip. Have a bite in nearby Magazia or Molos, just five minutes by car from this beach.

Agios Fokas, south of Atsitsa

Here is a more secluded pebbly/sandy beach that looks like a lake, set among pine trees. There a small church on the shore and a taverna to eat, offering just a small hint of civilization in this remote corner. You can get here through pine forests from Pefkos village.

Atsitsa Beach

This is one of the better known beaches on the island, and the seaside tavernas nearby ensure that it remains so. Still, it is not a very crowded beach which makes it a good eco choice. Bring your own umbrella with you.

Pefkos Beach

In the greener part of the island, 10 km from the main town, this lovely beach has little visitors. Bring your umbrella and food to enjoy, but take away rubbish after you finish. Access by car or motorbike. The surrounding greenery makes it very scenic.

Kalamitsa Beach

Sandy and not too crowded, this beach has some umbrellas and is popular for windsurfing. Visit the nearby church of Agios Mamas and grave of the poet Rupert Brooke by the olive grove overlooking the sea.

Agios Petros Beach

With sand, evergreen pine trees on the surrounding hills and cedar trees nearby make this lesser known beach a wonder to visit. Good for kayaking too. The beach is not far from Atsitsa.

Aspous Beach

An interesting beach with rocks by the water that are great to sit on. You will need an umbrella and sunscreen. It’s not the prettiest beach on the island and a bit shallow, but good if you’re staying nearby or are passing through.

Acherounes Beach

On the western side of the island, this beach has soft sand and lovely water, attracting a lot of attention. An advantage here is that it is not as windy as other beaches, with food options nearby. Visit the church of Panagia Meglou since you’re here.