Mavrato – Kapsalino Castle – Karavostamo

This well-known path is in excellent condition and begins in the centre of the village Mavrato. From the town’s church, we turn left at the intersection and eventually arrive at the cemetery

Here, the stone pathway begins its way uphill through the forest for approximately twenty minutes. Our path then continues along the barren hillside. Following the route westward, hikers will reach the Kapsalino Castle along the mountain’s ridge after twenty minutes of walking. From here, you can understand why the location was chosen as a lookout point, though today only fragments of the structure remain. Continuing along the north side of the mountain, we’ll pass a stone shelter. From this point, hikers can choose to abandon the path and climb towards the peak of the mountain, Ikaria’s highest point. If you decide not to, the path leads to the col of Mavros Louros and on towards a dense forest, eventually leading towards the country road connecting Evdilos to Agios Kyrikos, just a kilometre from the path’s endpoint in the village of Karavostamo.


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