Known as the “Greek Seychelles”, the handful of small islets across from the seaside town of Lihada are a marine playground, particularly for those who come with their own boat. The popular beach of Agios Georgios features sun loungers and umbrellas as well as a beach bar. It’s very popular with the young and gregarious, though if you’re looking for more secluded swimming, the other islets are all within swimming distance and feature extremely shallow waters.


Location: Evia › Northern Evia

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Agia Anna Beach

As one of the most popular resorts throughout the entire island of Evia, Agia Anna attracts thousands of tourists each year. Its long sandy beach stretches kilometre after kilometre and is backed by countless tavernas, beach bars and rooms. As is the case with Pefki, it’s better to visit during the low season if you are not fond of crowds.

Limni Beach

Conveniently located just outside the graphic seaside town it takes its name from, Limni Beach is unorganized and features clean water and pebbles both inside and outside of the sea. It can be busy during summertime, though it large length wards off the feeling that it’s overcrowded.

Loutra Aidipsou

Though fairly unimpressive at first glance, what sets the beach of Loutra Aidipsou apart from others are its thermal springs which pop up here and there along the coastline. Backed by shops, tavernas and hotels, the beach can be noisy, though allows for a convenient dip for visitors to the well-known thermal spring capitol of Greece.


The beautiful beach of Kanatadika is set apart by the beautiful shades of blue in its waters and its unique position looking out towards both the mainland, the Pelion Peninsula and the Aegean. The beach consists of smooth pebbles, and is backed by a few traditional seafood tavernas.

Chronia Beach

Approximately five kilometres north of Limni is the beach of Chronia lays this thin, yet clean strip of beach. Small pebbles and plenty of dried seaweed make up its surface, and though you won’t find any umbrellas for hire here, a couple of rooms and tavernas just beyond the beach provide basic amenities.


The popular beach of Pefki sits close to the northernmost point of Evia. It is a well-known resort, attracting families and very popular with campers. It takes its name from the Greek word for pine tree, and indeed the trees tumble down mere metres from the beach. Pefki is extremely popular during the summer and if you are looking for peace and quiet, it is best to visit during the off season.

Municipal Thermal Baths

Eighty-four individual spas along with large interior and exterior pools are housed in the newly built complex of Aidipsos’ public baths. Special customized treatments targeting the neck and limbs are also available as well as a movement therapy pool and gym.

Cave of Lihada

Near the eponymous village of Lihada lies this cave with a large entrance. Artefacts found in the cave have confirmed it was inhabited as far back as the Prehistoric era.

Lihadas (Kavos Beach)

Evia’s western most beach looks across to the small islets of Lihadonisia and offers swimmers a shallow sandy beach. Though popular in itself, most people come here to catch the boat which makes runs between the small islands throughout the day.


Just left of the small harbour in the picturesque seaside town of Oreoi, the eponymous beach features calm, clear waters and fine sand. Tavernas and cafes are found just behind the beach.

Rovies Beach

You could be forgiven for believing you were on the shore of a Swiss Lake rather than an Aegean island while relaxing on the peaceful and scenic beach of Rovies. Smooth pebbles and pine trees that practically overhang into the waters give this stretch of beach a unique feeling. The mountains behind and the mainland in the distance add to the feeling of being anywhere but on an island!


Aside from a small section of umbrellas and sun loungers, the beautiful beach of Pylio is unorganised and large enough to handle the crowds. Its shallow waters and sandy beach make it ideal for young children, though due to the fact that it faces the Aegean, it can be prone to strong northern winds.