Lambi Beach (Lambi Bay near Palia Mandra village)

This one-of-a-kind beach will not only astound you because of its crystal-clear waters and wonderful surroundings, but also because the pebbles that cover the shore and spill into the seabed sparkle with all shades of colors. If you go at night, you’ll see the bottom of the sea awash with color. Don’t take them home, though. It’s against the law.


Location: Dodecanese › Patmos

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Petra Beach (near Kalikatsou Boulder)

There’s nothing more rewarding than coupling exploration with a relaxing swim. Admire Kallikatsou Boulder with its many caves, carved stone steps and rich religious history and then take a dip in Petra beach. Its cool crystal-clear blue waters will invite you in after spending some time in the sun taking in Kallikatsou’s secrets.

Vagia Beach (near Kambos Town)

This wonderful pebbled beach is caressed by turquoise waves and this idyllic setting will surely sweep you off your feet. You can either walk there or take a quaint boat and sail in. Either way, it’s a swim that will rejuvenate you and give you a sense of peace that’s only fitting in this serene island. Take a picnic with you and spend the day.

Kato Kambos Beach (near Kambos Town)

If you’re looking for action and watersports, then Kato Kambos beach is the ideal place for you. Long stretches of sand, blue green waves and all the equipment you need for your favorite sport. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and you’ll be happy you joined the crowds and took a dip after you dive into its cool waters.

Livadi Geranou Beach (near Livadi Geranou village)

Accessible via boat or after a short hike, this wonderful beach offers stretches of golden sand that seem to unroll before you, welcoming you to one of the most stunning beaches in Patmos. There are lots of trees that dot the sand, so it’s perfect if you want to spend the day and bring along a picnic. The crystal clear waters will certainly beckon.

Wetlands and Lake around Grikos Bay and Petra

Patmos’ insistence on resisting commercial development led to the preservation of pristine ecosystems close to town. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will love the wetlands and lake near Petra. They are both protected sites where a vibrant ecosystem of wild ducks, swans and heron seek refuge. Patmos is a vital stop for migratory birds, and as such will delight nature lovers.

Psili Ammos Beach (near Diakofti village)

If you want to explore or have an adventure on your way to a swim, then sail to Psili Ammos or hike through rugged landscape to find this exotic beach. Fine white sand meets blue-green water in what’s widely believed to be Patmos’ most beautiful beach. Don’t miss it as you’ll be transported to someplace rather tropical.

Arki Islets

If you’re a nature lover and a birdwatcher, the Arki network of tiny islands is a perfect day trip for you. Arki’s islets boast rugged landscapes that attract migratory birds because of their pristine and vital ecosystem. Whole cliffs and boulders are often covered in birds. Migratory and domestic birds, lizards and flora create a unique ecosystem around Patmos, supported by this well preserved pristine habitat. Don’t miss out on the island’s environmental research center on Arki. Then hike through the islands to find secret coves perfect for swimming.

Didimes or Tou Liginou Beach (near Livadi Geranou village)

If you love nothing more than combining ecosports and fun, then go on a short hike down an ancient path to find this stunning beach. It’s called Didimes, or twins, because a huge boulder separates the beach, turning Didimes into two separate bays. The rugged landscape and aquamarine waters will lull you into believing you’re on an exotic island.

Meli Beach (near Skala Town)

Take a dip in this stunning stretch of perfect crystal-clear water. The natural landscape also provides wonderful views, and the thick line of trees along the coast offers hot swimmers plenty of shade. If you’ve got kids, it’s perfect as it’s sheltered from wind and offers calm, almost waveless waters. It’s a wonderful place to kick back and relax.

Aspri Beach (near Skala Town)

Take a dip, take in the sun and immerse yourself in the caress of stunning crystal-clear green waters. It’s one of the best beaches, and not only is it a quiet place for solitary swims, but you’ll also be thrilled with the wonderful views of the nearby monastery. It’s also very close to town, so you can take a break from exploring and go for a relaxing swim.