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Kyparissi Beach

This small sandy beach lies next to Kerame beach, near Evdilos.


Location: North Aegean › Ikaria

Evdilos, Greece

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Kerame (Faros)

The second of two beaches with the same name lies east of Therma, on the way to Faros. It’s a small, sandy cove, far away from the crowds.

Arethousa – Dokimi – Chrysostomos

This scenic path offers amazing views and a balanced mix of uphill and downhill walking. On the paved road starting from the church of Arethousa, we continue uphill towards the highest houses in the village. On our left, we will eventually see a sign indicating the start of the path towards the direction of Chrysostomos.

Thermal Springs of Asklipios – Agios Kyrikos

The public Hydrotherapy centre of Asklipios is located within Ikaria’s capital city of Agios Kyrikos, next to the police station. All four hydrotherapy centres have been completely remodeled and represent some of the country’s most modern thermal spring treatment centres. Fully equipped with ramps, the springs are accessible to all visitors. Well-trained personnel can be found at each centre, offering their expertise and assistance to address any need which may arise.

Anefandi Beach

The turquoise water of Anefandi contrasts beautifully with the white pebbles on its shore. Just east of Therma, you’ll find it between Kerame and Nyfi beaches.

Agios Georgios, Beach

Also known as Ai Giorgis, this sandy beach can be found in the eastern part of the island. Unorganized and secluded, it’s great for those looking to get away from the crowds.

Armenistis Beach, Ikaria

This pebbly beach is located in one of the island’s most popular resorts. It’s a small cove with umbrellas and other amenities nearby.

Therma Beach

The sandy beach of Therma can be found on the coast of the village bearing the same name. It’s sandy and features a few umbrellas. You can find it next to the village’s small port.

Avlaki Beach, Ikaria

Taking its name from the eponymous village it lies next to, this beautiful beach is found along Ikaria’s northern coast.

Exo Plagia Beach

Popular with the locals, this pebbly beach features crystal clear waters and is located near Magganitis, just outside the village of Plagia.

Kambos beach, Ikaria

Along with its ancient city and archaeological site, Kambos’s sandy beach is popular with visitors and has all the amenities one could need nearby.

Gialiskari Beach

This laid back beach on the island’s north side features views of the picturesque fishing harbour and the Church of Analypsis.

Mavrato – Kapsalino Castle – Karavostamo

This well-known path is in excellent condition and begins in the centre of the village Mavrato. From the town’s church, we turn left at the intersection and eventually arrive at the cemetery

Agios Kyrikos Beach

This rocky beach beside the island’s main port, is a great choice for those staying in the capital and looking for a quick dip.

Nas – Raches – 2 hours

As one of the island’s most beautiful and unique routes, the path leading hikers from the seaside village of Nas to the mountainous region of Raches, never fails to impress. The path runs through the Gorge of Halari, alongside its eponymous river, the largest found on the island.

Prioni Beach, Ikaria

This small cove is a hidden gem, complete with white pebbles and emerald waters. It’s located in the southeastern part of the island between the village of Therma and the island’s capital of Kyrikos.

Pounta – Chrysostomos – 3.5 hours

Historically made as a way to connect the western part of the island with its capital, this trail is one of the island’s most beautiful. The path’s starting point can be found at the chapel of Agios Dimitrios (indicated by a large sign) along the road from Evdilo towards Magganitis.

Messakti Beach, Ikaria

The picturesque and unique beach of Messakti is one of the island’s most well-known. The Myrsonas River flows behind it, creating a wetland, and along with it, an almost tropical setting.

Tour of Raches

Undoubtedly Ikaria’s most popular trail, this circuit takes hikers on a grand tour of the region of Raches. Starting along the central road just outside Armenistis, (just behind the ‘Pleiades’ club) this path covers a distance of 25klm. The route is extremely well marked, with shapes of small red footprints showing hikers the way. The path was created and continues to be maintained by the Raches Resident Council, who have also made an exceptional map of the trail and wider Raches area. The map can be purchased throughout several press agents on the island. The trail itself is considered easy, and intersects many other trails along the way.

Tsoukala Beach

Located just west of Skepsi beach lies the pebbly beach of Tsoukala. It’s along the road from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrtis and is also close to Lefkada. Shade is provided by trees backing the beach, and a coffee bar can be found just metres away.

Gialos Beach

This popular swimming spot lies beside the small marina of Magganitis village and features crystal clear water.

Seychelles beach, Ikaria

The star of the island and one of the most impressive throughout the Aegean, the beach of Seychelles never fails to impress. Its aquamarine waters and odd rock formations give it the name taken from the similar-looking archipelago. It can be found along the island’s southern coast, near Magganitis.

Xylosyrtis Beach

This beach hares its name with the village its found within. Located in the southern part of the island along the road from Agios Kyrikos to Magganitis, this pebbly beach is backed by trees and surrounded by the wild beauty of Ikaria’s mountains.

Hot Springs of Lefkada, Glaredo

Near the village of Glaredo a few kilometres west of Agios Kyrikos lie the thermal springs of Thero and Hilio-Thermo. The municipality has used large boulders to section off the coastal springs from the sea, creating a natural pool overlooking the waves. The characteristic red-coloured sand contains properties which treat and cure several different dermatological conditions. Access to the springs is free and easy, either on foot, by bicycle, or with a vehicle, thanks to the paved road which runs just above it from Agios Kyrikos.

Nealia Beach, Ikaria

Located just east of Therma, the remote, mostly pebbly beach of Nealia offers swimmers clear waters and relaxed sunbathing surrounded by green hills and close to thermal springs. Nealia beach envokes a sense of wild beauty and timelessness.

Nyfi Beach, Ikaria

Nyfi is a pebbly, average-sized beach along the way to Faros along the northeastern side of the island.

Trapalou Beach

This small beach can be found next to the village of Trapalou in the southern part of the island. Surrounded by mountains and near a few great taverns, this beach is a great place to “get away from it all” while still taking advantage of some nearby comforts.

Fyrodi Beach

Fyrodi is a great sandy beach near Magganitis and is very popular with the locals.

Glyfadi Beach

The sandy beach of Glyfadi can be found on the north eastern side of the island. Backed by trees offering natural shade, this beach is located just east of Therma.

Faros Beach, Ikaria

One of the island’s largest beaches, the sandy coast of Faros stretches out along Ikaria’s southern shore. It’s also one of the most developed, with several seaside taverns and cafes lining its edge.

Mavrato – Pounta

5 hours hiking this trail which cuts through the island from east to west and reaches its highest peaks, is the ultimate way to experience the real Ikaria. The route only briefly follows an official path, beginning along the trail marked “Mavrato-Kapsalino Castle”. Once reaching the stone shelter, a sign indicating directions can be seen.

Thermal Springs Spilaio, Therma

The public spring is located inside a natural cave on the beach of Therma, right next to the marina.

Aris Beach (Karavostamo)

This beach lies just outside the village of Karavostamo, in the northern part of Ikaria. It takes its name from the eponymous river which flows behind it, creating a unique wetland.

Pounta – Stavri – Magganitis 2.5 hours

From the Pounta – Ammoudia trail, we begin this route at the juncture of Stavri. Here, we follow the path to the left heading south, and continue downhill towards the steep mountainside. Here the trail has been cut into the rock and is hard to make out at some points.

Pounta – Ammoudia (3.5 hours)

Continuing from where the Chrysostomos-Pounta trail ends, hikers venture on west, heading up the side of a ravine which lies across the church of Agios Dimitrios. Green markings and stone stacks indicate the beginning of the path.

Kerame (Evdilos)

One of two beaches on the island with the same name, this sandy swimming spot is located near Evdilos, on the northeastern part of the island.

Lefkada Beach, Ikaria

The rocky beach of Lefkada can be found on the island’s southern coast, in an area known for its hot springs. It can be found along the road leading from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrti.

Nas Beach, Ikaria

This wild, secluded beach is a favourite for explorers and those looking for a bit of adventure. Located at the end of a river gorge in the northern part of the island, Nas offers bathers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Livadi Beach

Featuring fine, golden sand and turquoise waters, this is one of Ikaria’s finest beaches. Located between the beaches of Messakti and Armenistis, Livadi is a great choice for families with children, as the water is shallow and there are umbrellas and sun loungers available.

Skepsi Beach

Taking its name from the Greek word for “thought”, you’ll know you’ve arrived at this beach when you see the statue of the “thinking man”. The beach is located along the road leading from Agios Kyrikos to Xylosyrti in the southern part of the island.

Iero Beach

Its name aptly meaning “sacred”, this secret sandy beach has been a well-kept secret due to only being recently made accessible. It lies along Ikaria’s northern coast.

Karkinagri Beach

Lying at the island’s westernmost point, this clean, pebbly beach is perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Raches – Ammoudia – Magganitis (3 hours)

This route begins from the main square of Christos Raches and follows the characteristic red ‘footprints’ until the 9th marker. Here we turn left at the sign indicating Ammoudia and Magganitis. Continuing to follow the red footprints, we pass farmhouses and cross the dirt road, heading up the mountainside and following the stonewall which leads into the forest.

Atsipades Beach

This beautiful, undiscovered beach can be found in the eastern part of the island and is perfect for those looking for some privacy.