Karathona, Nafplio

Only two kilometres from the town of Nafplio, this one-kilometre beach is accessible by public bus, car or boat from the little port of Nafplio. This is an organized beach so expect many people in the high season. Luckily, it is also a Blue Flag beach meaning it’s quite clean. Respect for the environment is important for this beach community. Sports facilities and restaurants are available too. Remember, opt for the more eco-friendly sporting activities.




Location: Peloponnese › Argolida

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Kosta Beach, Kranidi

This is somewhat of a resort beach designated with a Blue Flag, where environmental education is part of its philosophy. Portoheli is only 5 kilometres away from here and allows you to rent bicycles. You’ll be facing the lovely island of Spetses here.

Didyma caves

The caves at Didyma, so called in Greek, aren’t caves at all! They’re dolines, or big depressions in the ground with very interesting features. The small doline or ‘small cave’ can be reached from the Didyma bypass road where there’s a small parking area. There is a steep stairway dug into the ground that will take you into the doline.

Plepi/Porto Hydra, Ermioni

This is a very popular beach not far from the village of Thermissia, even if the area is not that tourist oriented and there aren’t much beach facilities. Crystal waters and lovely shores await the visitor.

Porto Heli/Hinitsa, Kranidi

This is one of the greenest and nicest parts of Argolida and the Peloponnese in general. The island of Chinitsa or Hinitsa covers this sandy beach nicely. Umbrellas and deckchairs are present.