Kamari Beach, Xylokastro


Location: Peloponnese › Korinthia

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Vrahati beach

Very close to the road yet very clean with pebbles, around 200 metres long. No water sports, so less populated.

Thermal Springs, Loutraki

The waters here are famous for their curative properties, and the hot springs under the Mediterranean sky will relax and amaze you at the same time.

Aristonafton Beach, Xylokastro

About 800 meters of coastline await visitors with pine trees and flowers that resist the salt (Cacile maritime and Mathiola Tricuspidata).

Kryfi Akti Isthmias in Korinthos

Kryfi Akti Isthmias in Korinthos (the name means ‘hidden coast’). On the road of Diminio, Milissi, Sikia and Xilokastro, there are coasts with little coves and bays that offer more secluded swimming.

Pefkias, Xylokastro

About 1.8 kilometres in length, this is a pebble beach also with pines and some flowers that are salt-resistant. Many birds, sparrows and sea-gulls frequent the area.

Pefkias Beach, Sikyonion

The 200-metre Pefkias beach of Kato Diminio attracts many tourists in summer visitors, especially in the summer. It’s attractiveness lies in the fact that pine trees are growing very close to the beach. You can rent bicycles from sports facilities near the beach.

Sykia Beach, Xylokastro

Sykia Beach, Xylokastro: Situated in the village Sykia some three kilometres away from Xylokastro, this pebbly beach also has trees which thrive in salty water.

Melissi Beach, Xylokastro

Only 5 kilometres away from the resort of Xylokastro near the village of Melissi, this pebbly beach is home to specific trees that don’t mind the salty environment and in fact thrive in it.

Cave of Hermes

The Cave of Hermes near the winter sport centre Ziria is supposed to be where Hermes hid the golden cows stolen from Apollo, his brother. Head to the cave of Mercury on the west bank of Flabouritsa, full of chambers and multi-coloured stalactites. You will need the required equipment to explore it fully.

Loutraki 1 and Loutraki 2

Loutraki 1 and Loutraki 2, Loutraki Perachora: The beach of Loutraki is quite popular with Greek tourists during summer and can get very crowded.

Greek traditional costumes

Outlet and showroom with traditional greek costumes made by Nikos and Aspasia Dosaras, in Loutraki.