Hiking in Ymittos (also Imittos or Hymettus)

Mount Hymettus is famous for its thyme-scented honey. It is covered with beautiful pine forest, impressive caves, historic monasteries and many marked footpaths, just a five or ten minute drive from downtown Athens.

Photo: pathsofgreece.gr

It is also a formidable birdwatching area and attracts an impressive number of bird species. The mountain features different watching posts too. If you climb up from the city side, you will be able to clearly see the port of Piraeus. Climb up to the top and you will be able to see the airport on the other side. One way to explore it is to take a five-minute bus ride from the gates of Panepistimioupoli (University City) on Oulaf Palme Street in Ilissia, and let it drop you off just a few meters away from the Ring Road that separates Hymettus from the university campus. Cross carefully from below the ring road, and you’ll find yourself at the base of a huge green mountain with its footpaths and deserted old churches. Enjoy and explore, but come back before dark! There are paths marked with concentric circles as you climb. They will take you all the way up to the antennas. Aim for a cool or cloudy day, and take sunglasses, a hat, water and hiking snacks. You can go up in about two hours.


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