Photo: Κyriakos Stathakis

At the lower tip of Pelion:

Trikeri -Agia Kiriaki
A traditional cobblestone path (1.5 km) starts from the Central Square in Trikeri and takes you to Agia Kiriak . This easy roots offers a majestic view over the Pegasitic Gulf. Walk it in the afternoon to enjoy the amazing sunset and when it sinks behind the horizon producing different colours.

Photo: Κyriakos Stathakis

Trikeri -Alogoporos
This is an asphalted path but worth walking on, as the route is amazing. Endless cedar forests will take you to the bluest of seas around the island of Palio Trikeri. It is only 4.5 km long where you find yourself at the beach of Alogoporos for a good swim. A sea taxi can take you to the island.

A cobblestone pavement joins Trikeri with Kottes. The route takes you through olive groves that passes and old water wells. According to the myth, fairies used to live in these wells and the waters were enchanted. Young ladies who looked in there could foresee their fate regarding their future mate.



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Koropi (Boufa) Beach, Pegasitic Gulf, Pelion

The beach of Koropi (Boufa) is one of the largest beach in Pelion, and is situated between the villages of Kala Nera and Afissos. This sandy beach is one of the most popular in Pelion, and one that every visitor to Pelion should try to visit.

Kala Nera Beach, Pegasitic Gulf, Pelion

The beach of the popular resort of Kala Nera is a very beautiful one, and has been awarded the Blue Flag. The water here is stunning and ideal for bathing in the summer. Along there is a fine selection of cafe bars and tavernas, as well as places to stay.

Fakistra Beach, Tsagarada, Aegean Sea, Pelion

This is another great beach near Tsagarada with lovely water. It is surrounded by large rocks and greenery.

Mikro, Hondri Ammos & Jasteni, Aegean Sea

On the Aegean coast of Pelio there are stunning beaches. The beach of Mikro, a village with 100 residents, is very beautiful. Just 4 km away is the natural port of Hondri Ammos, with remains of a fortress. On the way to Trikery the beach of Jasteni or Avra is also impressive, emerging between two seas

Agii Saranta Beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

The golden sandy beach of Agii Saranta, located slightly north of Agios Ioannis is another famous beach in the region, and one that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the Pelion peninsula.

Papa Nero Beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

The beach of Papa Nero is a lovely sandy one, where the greenery and mountains stretch down to the sea. It is a very peaceful and enjoyable beach.

Chorefto Beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

The beach of Chorefto is a large and charming sandy beach, surrounded by luscious green scenery, creating a very natural and peaceful setting.

Kastri Beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

Those who like windsurfing will love this beach, which is sandy and crystal blue. Here are some of the cleanest waters in the area.

Agios Ioannis beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

This beach won the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness almost every year since 1996. This is a more organized tourist settlement but gets busy mostly in August. There are restaurants and little hotels all around.

Paltsi/Agios Konstantinos, Aegean, Pelion

One of the more popular beaches on Pelion’s east coast, this is a quiet beach for most of the year, yet still manages to attract a friendly crowd in the heat of summer.

Nea Anchialos, Pegasitic Gulf

Before you get to Volos and Pelion, the town of Nea Anchialos (or Aghialos) has a strong tourism infrastructure with a coast of 20 km. This is an attractive beach with black sand. Visit the Citadel of Ancient Pyrassos there too and enjoy the wine festival starting late August.

Afissos, Pegasitic Gulf, Pelion

This is a well-known resort area but still not very busy. There are beaches with olive groves and much vegetation, such as Kallifteri, Lagoudi and Ambovos. In Afissos, the mansions of captains who shipped olive oil, olives and silk to Egypt, Constantinople, and Romania still stand.

Hiking in Pelion

This is a heavenly region for hiking, with numerous signposted stone-paved paths. Rich environments with lush greenery, mountains, valleys and interesting biodiversity await visitors. You will come across farms, monasteries, old buildings, springs and country churches along the way.

Potistika Beach, Aegean Sea, Pelion

The large sandy beach of Potistika is perfect for those looking for a relaxing summer holiday. The beach is perfectly located, offering a very peaceful and tranquil setting.

Kato Lechonia Beach, Pegasitic Gulf, Pelion

Here’s a great beach that’s not far from Volos. For those who like a more active beach, there are a few cafes and bars for food and drink.

Mylopotamos near Tsagarada, Aegean, Pelion

The beach of Mylopotamos village is unique in its beauty and repeatedly awarded with a Blue Flag. The blue, crystal clear waters with lovely white sand will astound you. There are also several other charming beaches close by.