Litochori’s beach, near the archaeological site of Dion. An ideal spot for small boats.


Location: Macedonia & Thrace › Pieria & Mount Olympus

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Plaka, Litochori

Plaka is a long narrow beach dotted with numerous natural coves, sand, pebbles and greenery-covered rocks.

Kalyvia Varikou

A picturesque shallow water beach ideal for young children, with pebbles and sand, at the foot of Mount Olympus. Several organized camping sites can be found there, while if you’re looking for privacy you can head to one of the little shores to the north and south of the coast.

Pydna Beach

A gold sand beach with straw umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as a nearby bar-restaurant. Just a stone’s throw away from the valuable Byzntine finds waiting to be explored.

Korinos Beach

A kilometers-long, seemingly endless shore that borders ancient Macedonian tombs. There are several accommodations, cafes and tavernas along the shore.

Katerini beach

A lively, busy seaside venue with a long, wide sandy beach decked out with all the necessary water sports and sunbathing facilities, a marina for small boats and a wide choice of bars and clubs for nightlovers.

Makryialos Beach

An organized beach, with a abundant sand and the characteristic sand-hills that can be found in the area’’s coasts – great fun for rolling down of.

Aliki Kitrous Beach

A natural one kimoleter long harbour where sailors and fishermen leave their boats. Also neighboring an internationally well known wetland.

Leptokarya beach

Located near the settlement of Old Leptokarya, in Archaia Levithra, where the legendary Orfeus’ burial ground lies. This fine pebble beach, draped in thick foliage, is a popular local hangout day and night, has many umbrellas and sun loungers, water sports facitilities as well as cafes, bars and restaurants for night owls.

Platamonas Beach

A busy beach with numerous shops, restaurants, accommodations and cafes as well as a marina for small boats, Platamonas is ideal for those who like to see and be seen.

Skotinas Beach

A gold sand beach at the foot of Mt Olympus, located near the settlement of the same name. In summer, Skotinas beach is the scene for music concerts, dance performances and festivals.

Neo Pori Beach

The very wide beach is Pieria’s southernmost shore, and attracts families and locals seeking a refreshing dip in clean waters. It overlooks Olympus and is near the the traditional settlement of Palio Pori and an endless, scenic wetland at the northern part of the Delta of Pineio.

Neos Pandeleimonas

An exquisite beach with trees and lush vegetation that almost reach down to the sea, located nearby the traditional settlement of Palio Pandeleimonas and near the old castle of Platamonas. The beach has sun loungers and umbrellas as well as a few beach bars.

Olympic shore

A very wide, organized beach with a parallel bycicle path and walkway that are ideal for enjoying a seaside stroll, jog, skating. This popular beach gets extremely active during peak time, especially as it connects Katerini beach with the cosmopolitan Olympic shore.

Ai Yannis Beach

Embraced by verdant seaside hills and very close to Makryialos, this gold sand beach is peaceful and picturesque.

Methoni Beach

The natural bay of Methoni and Nea Anthoupoli is ideal for beach goers looking for serenity and shade, as it’s lined with trees. Located by one of Europe’s most important wetlands is a sand beach with clean water.