Eftalou Hot Springs (Molyvo Town)

When you explore this beautiful medieval village and its enchanting castle and artsy ateliers, stop by the hot springs. Their temperature, ranging from 43-46˚C, is ideal for many ailments as well. These springs are popular and a vibrant part of tourism in Lesvos.


Location: North Aegean › Lesvos

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Kampos Beach (near the airport)

Lesvos can turn into your own private island – or at least that’s what it will seem like if you go for a swim on Kampos Beach. Endless stretches of golden sand and clean, crystal-clear blue waters that sparkle in the sun will be yours and yours alone. It could get windy, so your swim might become a bit of an adventure.

Agios Ermogennis Beach (near Mytilini Town)

This tucked away cove with its cool blue waters and bright white stony shore will remind you of an exotic island. Trees practically tickle the water, while the beach itself is perfect for lounging around or spending the day. It gets crowded during peak times, but it’s worth a dip.

Eftalou Beach (near Molyvos)

If you love Molyvo’s medieval aura, then you must also take a dip in the sea in Eftalou. With a wonderful view, this quiet beach is perfect for those of you who want to lie back and take a solitary dip. A special feature of Eftalou Beach is its thermal springs. So combine your swim with a therapeutic dip in the hot springs.

Skala Eressou Beach (Eressos Village)

This beautiful sandy beach is a favorite amongst locals and visitors. Once you take a dip in the sparkling blue waters and admire the copses of trees that hug the coast, it will become one of your favorites too. It’s long sandy stretches of golden sand accommodate the crowds that gather. Perfect for kids.

Agios Isidoros Beach (Agios Isidoros village, near Plomari Village)

Bright white pebbles, blue-green waves and an underwater rock-reef ecosystem make this beach a favorite and one of the prettiest. If you like windsurfing or other watersports, there are shops with all the necessary amenities. Perfect for kids – and the marine life provides an excellent introduction to the island’s vibrant ecosystems.

Agios Giannis Hot Springs (Lisvori Village)

These therapeutic springs are ideal for anyone who wants to ease their muscles and enjoy a wonderful locale. Lesvos’ many hot springs puts the island on the map when it comes to alternative tourism, and the Agios Giannis hot springs contain many beneficial minerals.

Nifida Beach (near Polichnitos Village)

This beautiful sandy beach with crystal-clear sapphire waters will beckon you to take a swim – and never come out. Birdwatchers will especially enjoy their swim, because this beach is part of an important ecosystem that provides shelter for a number of rare species. Combine swimming with nature-loving.

Loutropoli Thermis Hot Mineral Springs (Therma Village)

These mineral springs will astound you with their calming effects and wonderful infrastructure. They date back centuries, so you can combine your therapeutic dip with a look back in history. Admire the building as you rest, and enjoy the high quality mineral springs.

Melinta Beach (near Plomari Village)

This is another secluded beach that never gets crowded. If you’re looking to swim with no one around, you’ll be stunned by its almost-white sandy shores that stretch on and on. The sea is shallow here, which makes the perfect blue hues seem tropical. It’s perfect for swimmers of all ages.

Polichnitos Thermal Springs (Polichnitos Village)

If you want to experience a one-of-a-kind thermal dip, Polichnitos Thermal Springs are the ideal place. They boast the hottest temperatures in Europe for thermal springs and are chlorinated to optimal levels of radioactivity. You’ll also love their rustic local and stone-built infrastructure.

Vatera Beach (Vatera Village)

If you love huge stretches of perfect sandy beach, crystal-clear blue waters, and ideal swimming conditions, this is the beach to choose. Although popular, it’s so big you’ll feel like you have your own private part. The sea is brimming with fish, so if you’re a nature lover and would like to casually observe the marine ecosystem, Vatera beach is perfect.

Anaxos Ambelia Beach (near Anaxos Village)

This beautiful beach will take you back to a time when Lesvos didn’t have any tourism infrastructure. With a rugged landscape and crystal clear waters, this beach offers huge stretches of sandy shores. It’s remote, so you’ll feel like you’re on your own. Windsurfers, this is the place for you to enjoy your sport.

Therma Springs, Gulf of Gera (Mytilini village)

With temperatures stable at around 40˚C, these hot springs contain many therapeutic minerals that help with a variety of ailments. Enjoy the wonderful scenery and the close proximity to the island’s capital as it’s an extra incentive to put these springs on your itinerary.