Demosaris Gorge

Arguably Evia’s most well-known gorge is this the extensive Demosaris Gorge which stretches from the central region of southern Evia to the northern coast at Kallianos Beach. Along the way, explorers have the opportunity to walk through dense centuries old forests, encounter rare flora species, dive into sparkling pools of waters, admire beautiful waterfalls and enjoy breathtaking views. The easiest and most picturesque route takes walkers ten kilometres starting from Petrokanalo Pass and finishes at Kallianos Beach. The Demosaris Stream runs through the gorge most of the year and many springs can be found along its meandering path through the gorge.


Location: Evia › Southern Evia

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Agios Dimitrios Gorge

Well-known for its rare geological characteristics and plant species, the gorge of Agios Dimitrios is the perfect opportunity for those new to canyoning. A newly-built road runs through the gorge, though a footpath within its slopes takes walkers through the picturesque village of Agios Dimitrios, passing strange layers of cippolina marble and other geological oddities until reaching the pristine beach of Schinodavlia along southern Evia’s northern coast.

Schinodavila Beach

Arguably one of the finest beaches throughout the island is the enchanting hideaway beach of Schinodavila.

Karystos Beach

The long stretch of sand lining Karystos’ coast and situated next to its port is surprisingly clean and offers swimmers and convenient bathing spot. There are umbrellas on a portion of the beach, as well as free sections where you can lay your towel.

Nea Styra Beach

Another port-side beach, the clear waters of Nea Styra are an ultra convenient swimming spot along the town’s waterfront. Though it’s quite narrow and can be difficult to snag an umbrella if you don’t go early, the beach is long enough to accommodate everyone.

Bouros Beach

The quiet bay of Bouros can be found ten kilometres south of Karystos near the island’s southern-most tip. For the most part, the beach consists of fine sand, though there are rocks scattered throughout. The beach is unorganized and ideal for those looking for a relaxed swimming spot.

Zarakes Beach

Small white pebbles and dazzling emerald waters can be found at another one of Evia’s top beaches. Zarakes Beach lies roughly 3 kilometres outside the village of the same name. Its crystalline waters deepen quickly and the strong winds and large waves that are usually found within the area make it less than ideal for small children. A few tavernas can be found behind the beach, though aside from that, it’s unorganized.

Potami Beach

This beautiful remote beach lies within a small gulf and features shallow water and fine sand. Bathers should be aware that the area is prone to strong currents and waves.

Almyropotamos Beach

Despite the fact that it lies next to the port connecting Agios Dimitrios with the mainland, the sandy beach of Almyropotamos is extremely clean and very popular with swimmers. Bars, tavernas and hotels line the road behind the beach, though quiet spots can be found.

Kallianos Beach

Marking the northern endpoint of the Dimosaris Gorge, Kallianos Beach lies between two large cliffs and features a small stream running down from the gorge and into the sea. It features the same remoteness as Archampoli, though offers two tavernas above the beach. Walkers along the Agios Dimitrios Gorge can also finish here.

Varellai Beach

The seven-mile trek along a difficult dirt road is well worth the splendours of one of Evia’s most remote beaches. Varellai features deep light blue waters and smooth white pebbles along its shores. It’s a great place to go if you’re seeking solitude, though campers do set up tents from time to time. It goes without saying that there are no facilities within the close vicinity.

Chrisi Ammos

The exotic beach of Chrysi Ammos just outside of Marmari is considered one of Evia’s finest and is popular with water sports enthusiasts. Due to its unique geographical location and the northerly winds which blow here, Chrysi Ammos is paradise to avid wind and kite surfers. Its fine sand and shallow aqua waters are worshipped by many during the summer.

Zastani Beach

Another popular bathing spot near Marmari is the dazzling beach of Zastani. Its crystalline waters contrast with the white stones which line the beach and seabed here.


Both of the coasts east and west of Marmari enjoy frequent winds suitable for windsurfing and most are organized as well.

Niborio Beach

Named after the quaint seaside village where it’s found, this quiet sandy beach lies in a small gulf south of Styra on the way towards Marmari. There are no umbrellas and the beach is unorganized.

Archampoli Beach

This magnificent hidden beach is the just reward of those who traverse the eponymous gorge leading up to it. The large cliffs on either side combined with the deep blue-green waters add to the beaches’ beauty and remoteness.

Armirichi Beach

Another contender for Evia’s best beach was the site of a commercial for the Greek beer, Mythos. It’s a very small, hidden cove featuring turquoise waters and fine sand. A small taverna lies just behind the beach.

Livadi Beach

Cerulean waters caught between two ridges with a sandy beach in between give Livadi beach a remote, deserted feel. That is, unless you decide to visit during the weekend or within the peak summer months, when the beach can be full of campers. The beach is located about 15 kilometres from Karystos along Evia’s small southeastern coast.

Fygias Beach

Clean, shallow water and natural shade backing the sandy beach await all who choose to swim at this beach outside the eponymous village. Located just 3 kilometres north of Marmari, it is quite popular during the summer months.

Porto Lafia

Another good choice for those seeking tranquillity is the beach of Porto Lafia along the coast between Styra and Marmari. Its shallow, turquoise waters make it very popular with families as well. The beach is sandy and unorganized.

Limniona Beach

Another splendid yet more cosmopolitan swimming spot is the popular Limniona Beach located between the villages of Tsakei and Mesohoria along Evia’s eastern coast. Sea caves and several cliffs suitable for jumping line the edges of the beach, while a small island directly adjacent provides swimmers with plenty to explore.

Archampolis Gorge

One of Evia’s most mesmerising areas is the small but enchanting Gorge of Archampolis. Stretching from East to West between the villages of Evangelismos and Thymi, the gorge features sheer cliffs that plunge down into the crystal clear Archampolis stream. The area is home to several plant and animal species, as well as a variety of birds who take advantage of the numerous caves along the gorge’s route. Though the most fascinating aspect of Archampolis is the ancient city found within the cliffs. Evidence of mining has been found, though researchers are still unsure whether it was a permanent settlement or simply a mining outpost. Canyoners will enjoy the beautiful flora found throughout the area as well as the small pools left over from the stream. Anyone walking through Archampolis is bound to enjoy the gorge’s ending at its eponymous hidden beach.