Not far from the airport, this sandy shallow beach is perfect for families and not too busy. However you need to get your own umbrellas.


Location: Dodecanese › Karpathos

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Diafani and Vananda

There is a little beach off the small fishing village of Diafani that you could swim in, but for a more secluded experience head to nearby Vananta (pronounced Vananda). Better done by boat than road from Pigadia.


Considered one of the nicest beaches on the island with stunning waters. Easier to access by boat than by road. Not much else apart from the gorgeous beach though.


Finicky travelers will love Finiki beach on the western side of the island with its crystalline waters, accommodation options, seafood ‘tavernas’ and more. Umbrellas and beach beds normally available.

Christou Pigadi

Here’s a decent organized beach with some umbrellas that’s not crowded, lying serenely a few minutes away from the airport on the way to Pigadia. The name means “Well of Christ”.

Pera Ammos

Relatively large pebbly beach and a peninsula just 6 km from Pigadia with shallow water, great for families with kids. Several ‘tavernas’ and eateries to rest and feast in.

Ahata or Achata

A quiet and pretty beach some 13 km from the capital. Sandy and pebbly with gorgeous waters, surrounded by mountains and greenery. There’s a small ‘taverna’ for food.


If you arrange a boat trip from Diafani to Saria, you can swim but also explore this isolated island with its medieval ruins and recent churches. It was once a pirate’s hideaway too.


This attractively secluded and isolated beach lies against a backdrop of sharp mountains. Explore by boat or make sure you have everything with you if you go hiking there.

Kyra Panagia

One of the nicest sandy beaches on the island lying between two mountains with crystal waters about 14 km from Pigadia before the beach of Apella. Some accommodation not far from the beach.

Agios Minas

One of the most gorgeous pebbly beaches on the island, this beach is surrounded by rocky hills and shrubs. Mostly deserted, great if you have a boat to explore. Access also by dirt road.

Makris Gialos

Roughly means ‘Long Beach’, Makris Gialos on the southern tip of the island (near the airport) about 15 km from Pigadia is very popular for windsurfing. Sandy and with lovely clean waters.

Pouliou Potami

The name translates as River of Birds, but it’s more a beach with large pebbles just 10 km south of Pigadia. Can be reached by a dirt from Ammoopi.


The gorgeous beach of Kastelia lies after Ammoopi, representing a hidden paradise among the rocks. You can reach it through a dirt road from Ammoopi.

Lefkos: Gialou Horafi, Panagias-Limani, Frangolimniona

In the bay of Lefkos on the central western side of the island there are 3 beaches that can delight curious travelers. Gialou Horafi has umbrellas, while Panagias which is smaller and quieter does not.

Agios Nikolaos (Arkasa)

Here’s a well-organized beach near the big village of Arkasa on the western side of the island, 15 km north of Pigadia. White sand, shallow waters and delicious little restaurants (tavernas) serving seafood and local cuisine.

Ammos, Afoti, Vronti

These three sandy beaches near Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, offer clean waters, different watersports, good food and sea-side restaurants. They are most popular and happening, so not ideal for those seeking privacy.

Agios Nikolaos (Spoa)

The beach of Agios Nikolaos near the village of Spoa has won accolades for its clean waters. There are umbrellas, beach chairs, and a little restaurant, all in a serene environment.

Mihaliou Kipos

Translating as ‘Garden of Michael’, this beach near the airport offers wild beauty and unique caves by the beach paint a surreal picture in this Mediterranean island.

Megali Ammoopi and Votsalakia

Megali Ammoopi is perfect for families with children thanks to its shallow waters. Nearby is Votsalakia, a pebbly beach with fantastic water. These are popular beaches with restaurants, cafés, hotels, etc.

Mikri Ammoopi

A bit south of the capital in a bay with three small sandy beaches and unique beauty. Not far from the larger Ammoopi (pronounced like ‘o’ in door) but more secluded.

Valias and Pounta

Pebble beaches with deep waters on the southeast side of the island. Strong winds make them just perfect for windsurfing. In summer Valias offers umbrellas and beach beds. Restaurants available.


The name of this beach means ‘Clay River’, boasting white sand, shallow waters and big waves that are great for surfing. A beach canteen onsite comes in handy.


Welcome to the biggest sandy beach on the southwestern tip of the island. This isolated beach doesn’t have any restaurants or umbrellas, so go well prepared.