Church of Ioannis Prodromos, Kirra

In Kirra, there is the small church of Ioannis Prodromos (or John the Baptist) is well known for its thermal spring or ‘Agioneri’ which is said to help alleviate stomach problems.


Location: Central Greece › Fokida

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Marathia Beach

As the village is built close to the sea, Sergoula has a quiet island feel. The beach between Fokiotrypa and Skaloma is great for swimming and has been designated as a Blue Flag beach. This beach is in the prefecture of Fokida, yet is close enough to Aitolo-akarnania and its main city, Nafpaktos.

Municipality of Efpalio

This municipality has beautiful beaches, including the sandy beaches of Chiliadou. Monastiraki is reputed to have one of the best beaches around the Gulf of Corinth. Sergoula beach with its picturesque windmills and Marathia beach are good to swim in, so is the coast and lovely bays between Fokiotrypa and Skaloma.

Paralia Sergoulas

About 600 meters of crystal clear and very clean waters await you for the ultimate swim near this traditional village that still harbours an old water mill. It lies 24 kilometres out of Nafpaktos on the Itea-Nafpaktos road.

Kallithea beaches

Between Eratini and Glifada lie the seaside villages of Agios Nikolaos and Agios Spiridonas. Agios Nikolaos offers a ferry service across to the Peloponnese, reaching Aigio (or Egio).

Around Itea

Itea has two beaches: Trocadero and Miami, once holders of Blue Flags, so quite clean. These gather a lot of Greek tourists, and can be noisy at times although pretty. Other good beaches include Nafsika and Evaggelistria. Not far are the beaches of Kirra including the organized beach of Vrachakia with water sports.

Monastiraki Beach

The village of Monastiraki on the road to Nafpaktos lies on the hill next to the beach, and the beach is well known for its crisp yet crystal clear waters. The fish restaurants by the port are worth visiting for a meal.

Around Galaxidi

Right in Galaxidi there’s Kalafati beach with some locals, close to seafood restaurants. There’s also a beautiful beach near Agios Vassilis, with sandy shores and hidden rocky coves. Closer to Galaxidi though not as beautiful is a quiet beach next to the hotel school at the very edge of town behind the hill.

Around Desfina

This is the least known part of Fokida. Beaches in the Desfina peninsula are quiet yet difficult to get to. Explore Stenos, then more remote corners like Sikia, Prosakos, Agios Andrias and beyond Agios Nikolas. Settlements are not connected to each other by the coastal road, so some backtracking is required.

Glifada and Trizonia Island

Visit also the nearby villages of Spilia and Glifada near the sea as well. Across the coast lies the little island of Trizonia which you can also visit, complete with good beaches, restaurants and a little port.

Municipality of Tolophon

A charming town by the beach, Eratini is traditional yet popular with Greek tourists, offering very decent beaches to discover. Tolophon beach is simply delightful, if touristy.