Cave of Lovers

Near the beach of Tigani on the coast of Tyros-Sapounakeika, there’s the Cave of Lovers which can only be by a beautiful boat ride. It is also rich in colours with many stalagmites and stalactites.


Location: Peloponnese › Arkadia

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Loutra (baths) of Irea

The Loutra (baths) of the village of Irea near ancient Irea and the municipality by the same name has become an important healing centre. Hot springs with sulphurous waters here have been known to treat ailments like rheumatism, arthritis, liver problems, circulatory ailments, nervous-system disorders, gynaecological problems and many others. There is also a hydrotherapeutic centre at the village open from mid june to mid October, with luxury-level baths and cabins, including hydromassage facilities. To reach the area head there from Dimitsana and Ilia through the Pyrgos-Tripoli highway, via Ladonas bridge near Charitzinou. You will find the village 12 kilometers southwest of Paloumba.

Mainalo mountain

Across a large part of the Mainalo mountain range, there is the ski centre of Ostrakina, at an altitude of 1600 meters. It has eight slopes, some of which are considered challenging to negotiate. Three sliding one-seat lifts and one baby lift take skiers to the slopes. Onsite there is a snowboard park with a jump slope and a skiing/snowboarding school. There is also a store to rent ski equipment. This is the closest ski resort to Athens, with daily bus transfers from the capital in winter. Note that the European Path E4 passes from Ostrakina too. The resort is only 29 kilometres away from Tripoli and very close to the village of Kardaras.