Cave of Lakes, Kastria

This is a huge cave by any standards and the largest in the area, lying some 17 kilometers south of Kalavrita and barely 2 kilometers from Kleitoria. With an stunningly enchanting entrance and three different levels the cave looks almost otherworldly, complete with haunting galleries and hanging formations.

Being part of a secret underground river in the past, today the multi-dimensional cave has 13 cascading lakes of varying sizes, a very unique feature as far as caves go. Only about 500 meters are open to visitors because of the rough terrain. By the end of winter, when ice melts, it floods the cave and creates a series of streams and waterfalls.

Human and animal fossils were discovered in the lower level, including that of a hippopotamus, creating an laboratory-like haven for scientists. There are ancient myths connected to the caves as well, where the daughters of King Proitos arrogantly bragged that their beauty surpassed the Goddess Hera. Because of their vanity Hera cursed their sanity, where they thought themselves wild animals dashing across the fields of the Peloponnese. Eventually Melambodas found them in these caves and cured them.



Location: Peloponnese › Achaia

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Pounta Beach, Diakopto

Pounta beach is a clean, attractive beach with pebbles in the Municipality of Diakopto. It is 800 meters long and a full 30 meters wide. Eucalyptus, heather and pine trees dot the beach, which also offers a couple of cafes and restaurants.

Lakkopetra, Larissos

Lying between Araxos and Kato Achaia here’s a 500-meter beach with mixed sand and pebbles. To the north lies the popular beach of Mavri Miti or ‘Black Nose’ which has amazing find sand and great views of Mesolongi.

Kalogria Beach, Larissos

Here’s a sandy beach that’s 80 kilometres long, located near a protected site under the Ramsar convention, not far from the Prokopos Lagoon and Strofilia forest. Sporting activities including windsurfing are available at this beach. If you rent a bike you can discover the natural area around.


Not far from this village which is being excavated to find remains of an ancient city, there is a clean beach that is popular with local tourists.

Kalavrita ski resort

The Kalavrita ski resort is considered the second largest in Greece, located on Mount Chelmos (or Helmos) among fir trees and a rocky alpine landscape, hovering between 1,700 meters and 2,340 meters. It is also one of the most organized ski centres in the country with 12 ski runs spread over 20 kilometres, along with two chair lifts and five ski lifts. For advanced skiers, the Styga runs are considered quite challenging and particularly attractive.

Alyki Beach, Aigio

A pebbly beach that’s one kilometre long, Alyki or Aliki is about 10 meters wide and features many trees around. Importantly, there is a wetland only 500 meters away, attracting over 230 species of birds every year. The area falls under the Natura 2000 network. No sports facilities are available at this beach.

Aktaio Beach, Rio

Spanning 850 meters, this sandy beach was nominated as a blue flag one recently and varies in width between 20 and 40 meters. The municipality of Rio sometimes organizes events but also eco activities such as beach cleaning.

Digeliotika Beach, Aigio

This 2-kilometre beach is quiet, clean and pebbly. It Is 15 metres wide with different types of trees growing nearby.