Bougatinas Mountain Refuge, Proti

Along national hiking Route 04, the mountain-climbing shelter, run by the Serres branch of the Hellenic Alpine Club (EOS), sits at an altitude of 1956 metres on Mt Pangeo.

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Location: Macedonia & Thrace › Serres

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Bird Watching on Lake Kerkini

One of the the top bird sites for birdwatching in all of Greece, Lake Kerkini is an extremely important area for the passage, wintering and breeding of both waterfowl and raptors as well as for the breeding of migratory songbirds.

Kerkini Wetland Information Center, Kerkini

Make a quick stop here to learn how the lake was created and what is being done to preserve and protect it for future generations. Using traditional boats called ‘plaves’, visitors can experience the beauty of the water on the lake at a safe distance from the birds, enjoying the wet forest and birdwatching at the same time, all year round.

Ski resort Laila

The Lailias ski centre, operating from December to March and managed by the Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres, is located 27 miles from that city high atop Mt Vrontos at an altitude ranging from 1850 meters to 1600 meters. It has one slope of moderate difficulty as well as a lift that can serve 700 people an hour. The longest slope (1250 m) starts out as red (difficult) and then continues as blue (experienced). It is named after Macedonian revolutionary war hero Emmanuel Pappas. There is also one baby lift serving the learning slopes, ski school and first aid station. The centre is famous for its Lang-Lauf courses, making it one of the best resorts in Greece for the sport. The wood and stone ski lodge has all modern facilities, including restaurants with local delicacies and ski rentals. The centre offers night skiing every Saturday night.

Aggitis Gorge

The sheer, nearly smooth 50-70 meter slopes of the Aggitis Gorge are a canyoneer’s dream. Considered by locals to have been hewn by Philip II of Macedon, the limestone ravine was more likely the result of seismic shifts between the Paggeo and Menikon mountains. Whatever the reason, this 15-kilometer river gorge offers untold opportunities for rappelling and canyoning as close to nature as one can get. The railway line passes by the village of Symvoli at the entrance to the gorge, making it easy to get to or be whisked away after a long day and tired muscles. The canyon is open year-round.

Lake Kerkini Center for Ecotourism, Lithotopos

This is the place to go to learn what options for excursions there are on or around the lake. Also exhibits samples of plant life, insects, fowl and fauna in a mini museum.

Therma, outside Nigrita

The water of Therma is famed throughout Greece for its medicinal qualities. The onsite spa is open from July through October and private baths are available for the therapy of rheumatism, arthritis, back problems, lumbago and dermatological problems.

Natural Mineral Springs at Agistro

Near the Promachonas border with Bulgaria, this is the oldest hamam in Greece, built in 950 AD. Hugely atmospheric, it is set amid wild landscape known for its honey and trout. The water temperature is 40.5 degrees, said to cure arthritis and dermatological ailments.

Shelter Olympia Lailias

Just 3km away from the Lailias Ski Centre, the Hellenic Alpine Club runs this shelter at an altitude of 1500 metres on Mt Vrondos. It also runs a summer camp for children 8-15 years old with activities taking place in the Lialias Forest. (Operated by HAC Serres)

Management Authority for Lake Kerkini, Kato Poroia

This organization polices the area to make sure no illegal hunting or intrusive practices are taking place.

Pighi Spa and hot Springs, Siderokastro

Located 6 kms from Siderokastro and 25 km north of Serres, this spa is divided in 3 parts with two hamams from the Byzantine era for men and women, as well as hydrotherapy rooms and private baths. The water is a steady 45 degrees. Spa hotel available.