Arethousa – Dokimi – Chrysostomos

After a short initial uphill walk, the path becomes a dirt road, which we follow for nearly thirty metres until we come to a fork in the road. Here we take a right and our route becomes a wide path again, with its sides outlined by large rocks. We continue to zig-zag our way uphill until reaching another dirt road. Here, walkers will need to exercise great caution. After following the road for 200 m., we’ll see a stack of rocks that mark the beginning of a new path with a large red sign. The path is now easy to distinguish. Venturing a little higher, we’ll reach the first rock formations, which warrant a climb and offer sublime views. The stream of Arethousa and its waterfalls can be seen below, as well as the craggy cliffs of Mt. Tsolias lying straight across our position. Turning back to the path which will continue in a southwestern direction, we walk for a half an hour until we exit the small grove of trees and continue along the path before reaching a makeshift “oasis”-complete with benches and a water fountain. After taking a rest and continuing on the now-wide path, we’ll eventually cross the dirt road again and arrive at a stone wall which outlines the cliff’s edge. Here, the vies are magnificent and reward hikers for their effort. At this point, you can see the entire southeast Aegean, including the Fournoi Islands, and weather permitting, even the distant isles of Patmos and Leipsous. Passing through the stone wall’s door, we head south downhill towards the village of Chysostomos.


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