Archampolis Gorge

One of Evia’s most mesmerising areas is the small but enchanting Gorge of Archampolis. Stretching from East to West between the villages of Evangelismos and Thymi, the gorge features sheer cliffs that plunge down into the crystal clear Archampolis stream. The area is home to several plant and animal species, as well as a variety of birds who take advantage of the numerous caves along the gorge’s route. Though the most fascinating aspect of Archampolis is the ancient city found within the cliffs. Evidence of mining has been found, though researchers are still unsure whether it was a permanent settlement or simply a mining outpost. Canyoners will enjoy the beautiful flora found throughout the area as well as the small pools left over from the stream. Anyone walking through Archampolis is bound to enjoy the gorge’s ending at its eponymous hidden beach.

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