Considered one of the nicest beaches on the island with stunning waters. Easier to access by boat than by road. Not much else apart from the gorgeous beach though.


Location: Dodecanese › Karpathos

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Kefalas Cave (Northwest Kalymnos, in Pothia)

After a short hike to the cave’s location after a boat ride, you’ll be rewarded with the chance to admire one of the most beautiful caves in Kalymnos, dripping with stalactites. Legend has it that the nuns of Saint Catherine Monastery discovered it but kept it a secret because of a rumored treasure stored there by pirates. Archaeological evidence found here suggests it was a site of worship for Olympiou Dios.

Palionisos beach (near Palionisos)

Very quiet and secluded, it’s perfect for some solitary swimming. It’s a favorite of the locals and once you dive into its blue-green waters it will no doubt become your favorite as well.

Therma beach (near Therma)

The water from the thermal spring that runs into the sea makes a swim here not only fun but also therapeutic. Sparkling pebbles, blue-green waves and a dock for diving make this a favorite.

Cassonia beach (near Pothia)

This beautiful, family-friendly beach is the closest to the island’s biggest town. Have fun and dive from the jetty!

Gefira beach (near Pothia)

If you’ve always dreamt of swimming in the shadows of the cliffs, then this is the beach for you. The aquamarine water is stunning and the dramatic rock formations and boulders that you can swim around will impress you.

Apitikou beach (near Emborio)

This secluded, almost tucked-away beach is perfect if you like to feel like you’re the only person in the world. Its pebbly shore and clear blue waters will reward you for your half-hour hike there.

Platis Gialos beach (near Panormo)

This gorgeous black-sand beach leads to blue-green waters and will make you feel like you’ve gone to an exotic island. The volcanic rocks and boulders dotting the sea will give you some exploring to do.

Kandouni and Linaria beaches (near Panormo)

These twin beaches offer the best of both worlds – an active crowd and a quieter family atmosphere. One is pebbly and the other sandy but the water in both is so inviting you won’t want to get out.