Anitseou – Mt. Hellanios-Paxia Rachi

Another more challenging hike is through the precipitous south central region of the island. You can start your hike at the village of Anitseou and continue northwestern until you reach another road to your left. Turn here and go on until you see signs leading to the site of Ellanios (Hellanios) Zeus, a ruined temple to the god at the top of Mt. Ellanios (commonly referred to as Oros). The hike is approximately 4 kilometers, of medium difficulty and the views from the summit are phenomenal.

If you’re in the mood for more adventure, you can backtrack down the mountain just the way you came until you hit the main road until you hit the main road again. This time you’ll go away from Anitseou towards the mountain village of Paxia Rachi. It’s a very scenic route full of crags and greenery and the settlement with its stony paths and traditional houses is an experience not to be missed. Further south of the village is the beautiful Valley of Elaiona where you’ll encounter numerous olive trees, some of which are over 400 year old.


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