Agalou Lakka, Northwest

The last in a row of beaches on the northwest coast that can be reached by land. The difficult drive there is balanced by the beautiful scenery. This is a stony beach with a more rugged look beautiful in its own way, well-appreciated by adventurous nature lovers.


Location: Thessaly & Sporades › Alonnisos

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Tzortzi Yialos, Southeast

Tzortzi Yialos and its bay boast one of the most idyllic views near hills, pines, olive trees and a handful of cypresses. Located 6 km from Patitiri, it is pebbly at the beginning and sandy once you’re in. There is one taverna at the beach.

Chryssi Milia, Southeast

Chryssi Milia offers stunning views as you approach it and is one of the sandiest beaches on the island and ideal for children. There are chairs to rent and a good taverna under the shady trees above the beach that is ideal for lunch.

Milia, Southeast

Milia is a beautiful stony beach almost hidden within a thick pine forest. It is situated 3.5 km from Patitiri and 5.5 km from Palia Alonnisos.

Ayios Dimitrios, Southeast

Lies far away on the southeast coast, 15 km from Patitiri, past the fishing village of Steni Vala. This is the largest beach on the island and convex in shape forming a double beach, with a winter lake behind it that attracts migrating birds. Many consider it the best

Marpounta, Southeast

Marpounta is relatively close to Patitiri, lying on the southern-most tip of the island. It is considered an attractive sandy beach.

Leftos Yialos, Southeast

Leftos Yialos boasts a gravel-like white sand with a view of the Two Brothers (the two deserted islands across), with pine and olive trees not far away. Nearby are two tavernas with gardens that are great for a lunch break.

Tourkoneri, Northwest

Tourkoneri is a nice small bay among pine woods that allows you to swim to neighbouring bays. There are interesting rock formations that come out of the water here. The beach is 5 km from Patitiri and you have to walk down the last part.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Headed by the esteemed Dr. Vithoulkas who has won awards for his dedication to homeopathy, the academy is housed in a lovely traditional building and trains students to become competent homeopaths in line with the principles of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Megalos Mourtias, Southeast

Megalos Mourtias is also just two kilometres from Palia Alonissos. It is a sandy beach with many flat stones, as well as several tavernas to enjoy a good meal. You can also snorkel here.

Kokkinokastro, Southeast

Kokkinokastro is considered one of the most impressive mixed sand/pebble beaches on the island with red cliffs and lush pine trees. Sunsets here are fabulous and in the distance you will see the Two Brothers, which are two deserted islands.

Mikros Mourtias, Southeast

Mikros Mourtias lies below Palia Alonnisos and can be reached by a donkey path. You will find pines, herbs and olive trees on your way. Offering a mix of stone and sand, this is also a good beach to do some snorkelling.

Vithisma, Southeast

Vithisma on the southern side of the island is a small quiet bay with pebbles and black sand. It’s very clean and considered a lovely bay that not many know about.

Rousoum, Southeast

Rousoum is a few minutes’ walk from Patitiri with a couple of traditional tavernas and a relaxing coffee shop facing the water. This is a great beach if you just have half a day and don’t want to stray too far from Patitiri.

Yialia, Northwest

Yialia beach is pebbly and rocky beach in a bay with a beautiful renovated windmill at its edge, which used to mill wheat in the olden days. You can get there by an earth road from the main road between Palia Alonnisos and Patitiri. The nearby beach of Vrisitsa is a beautiful one with black sand and stone slabs.