Glafyra – Saint Nikolaos of Kanalia (map 2A – trail 6)

A relatively easy hike that takes around two hours one way (7.9 km), the trail combines some vibrant mountain landscapes, interesting archaeological and religious sites, zones of geological and architectural attraction, agricultural fields and various scenic perspectives of Lake Karla. Glafyra, also called Kapourna, is a picturesque village mainly inhabited by farmers. Although the trail ends at Saint Nikolaos chapel, the village of Kanalia is one of the prettiest on the northwest side of Mt Pelion, built on the foundation of the acropolis of ancient Voeveis on the plains of Metochi – while there, don’t miss the Byzantine Church of Saint Nikolaos, declared a historical monument. Also to be enjoyed on this trail are the remarkable scenery of Lake Karla, together with its diverse flora and fauna.

Map 2A


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