Ano Kerasia – Kerasia (map 1A – trail 1)

In this one hour (5.9km) walk downhill from Ano Kerasia to Kerasia, hikers can enjoy taking in stunning panoramic views of Lake Karla and the lush natural beauty of the local flora as its colours and varieties change significantly with the drop in altitude. The walk follows a combination of dirt roads and cobbled paths lovingly maintained by the North Pelion Information Centre. Start the day by exploring the abandoned village of Ano Kerasia, a village that was destroyed by Nazi forces in 1944 as it hosted the 54th E.L.A.S. (Greek People’s Liberation Army) Regiment. Stop to visit the Church of the Apostle Saints and the nearby chapel of Saint Athanasios, and finish with lunch or evening dinner in one of the tavernas of Kerasia, where you can sample local delicacies such as spit-roasted goat or lamb.

Map 1A

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