Are you ready for an amazing adventure? Greece is a paradise for hikers, with its stunning landscapes, rich history and diverse culture. Here are ten of the best places to hike in Greece during June, when the weather is warm but not too hot, and the crowds are not too overwhelming (press on the link of each destination to learn more about it).

  • Meteora: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its monasteries perched on top of towering rock formations. You can hike along ancient trails and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below. The monasteries date back to the 14th century and are still inhabited by monks and nuns. You can visit some of them and admire their frescoes and relics.
  • Samaria Gorge: This is the longest and most popular gorge in Europe, stretching for 16 km through the White Mountains of Crete. You can hike from the high plateau of Omalos to the coastal village of Agia Roumeli, passing through forests, cliffs and rocky terrain. The gorge is home to many rare plants and animals, such as the Cretan wild goat and the Cretan cyclamen. You can also swim in the Libyan Sea at the end of the hike.
  • Mount Olympus: This is the highest mountain in Greece and the home of the ancient Greek gods. You can hike to the summit of Mytikas, which is 2,917 m above sea level, or explore the lower slopes and valleys that offer scenic views and diverse flora and fauna. The mountain is part of a national park that has more than 1,700 species of plants and 300 species of birds. You can also visit the nearby archaeological site of Dion, where ancient rituals were performed in honor of Zeus.
    Pixabay – Agorawizard
  • Zagori: This is a region in northwestern Greece that consists of 46 picturesque villages surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests. You can hike along stone bridges, cobblestone paths and traditional architecture, and admire the natural beauty of the Vikos Gorge and the Aoos River. The region has a rich cultural heritage, with many festivals, customs and gastronomic delights. You can also try some outdoor activities, such as rafting, kayaking and horse riding.
  • Kythnos: Hiking in Kythnos is an amazing experience in the Cyclades. You can explore the beautiful landscapes, discover the ancient history and enjoy the local cuisine. Kythnos has many trails for all levels of difficulty, from easy walks to challenging climbs. You will be amazed by the views of the sea, the mountains and the villages. Hiking in Kythnos is a great way to connect with nature and yourself!
    Photο: GNTO/ Y.Skoulas
  • Pelion: This is a mountainous peninsula in central Greece that combines sea and mountain scenery. You can hike along old paths that connect the charming villages of Pelion, which are built in a traditional style and have lush gardens and fountains. You can also enjoy the beaches and coves along the coast, which have crystal clear water and golden sand. The peninsula has a mythical aura, as it was believed to be the summer residence of the gods and the land of the centaurs.
  • Naxos: This is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades, with a rich history and culture. You can hike along ancient paths that lead to temples, castles and monasteries, or explore the rural areas that have olive groves, orchards and farms. The island has a variety of landscapes, from mountains and valleys to plains and beaches. You can also taste some local products, such as cheese, honey and wine.
  • Corfu: This is an island in the Ionian Sea that has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a Venetian influence. You can hike along the Corfu Trail, which is 220 km long and covers the whole island from south to north. You can see diverse landscapes, such as sandy beaches, olive groves, mountains and lakes. You can also discover some cultural attractions, such as museums, churches and fortresses.
  • Delphi: This is an archaeological site that was considered the center of the world in ancient times. You can hike along the Sacred Way that leads to the Temple of Apollo, where the famous oracle delivered her prophecies. You can also visit the nearby museum that displays artifacts and statues from Delphi. The site has a spectacular location on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, overlooking a valley full of olive trees.
    Pixabay – DebraJean
  • Sifnos: This is a small island in the Cyclades that has a tranquil and authentic vibe. You can hike along well-maintained trails that connect the villages, monasteries and towers of Sifnos. You can also enjoy the local cuisine, which is famous for its pottery and chickpea dishes. The island has a serene beauty, with whitewashed houses, blue doors and windows, and colorful flowers.

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