Frozen in time yet a top modern jet-setting hot spot, Hydra has not only managed to keep its legacy intact over the centuries, but has become a trendy destination in doing so. Its classic profile as the home of several shipping-magnate families hasn’t changed much, as it still enjoys an aristocratic following and sees many second and third-generation natives visiting large family mansions throughout the summer here.

Fear not: everyday folk and travelers from all economic backgrounds are welcome here and sure to find something, (if not everything) to love about this island. The characteristic which stands out most about the island is the absence of motor vehicles, aside from a couple municipal garbage and service trucks. Anyone who is visiting the island after a stay in Athens is sure to appreciate the lack of traffic and noisy motorbikes!

But Hydra is so much more than what it lacks. Magical stone mansions paired with cobbled alleyways under the quiet spell of time, transport visitors to another era and stir both the imagination and the desire to explore and wander around the town. Your wanderlust will pay off, as some of the island’s best seafood restaurants are tiny, unassuming venues tucked away into labyrinthine alleyways. The fact that you’ll be walking everywhere acts as an extra incentive to enjoy not only in the island’s well-known and revered cuisine, but also to indulge in its trademark sweet, almond marzipan known as “Amigdalota”.

If the walks within the harbor and wider town area are intriguing, those into the island’s verdant countryside will not disappoint even the most seasoned explorers. With one of the most intricate and complex trail systems throughout the Greek isles, you could spend months before traversing them all. Hidden valleys, old goat farms, centuries-old monasteries and secret beaches are just some of what walks on Hydra have to offer.

The most of the island’s numerous mansions have either been turned into museums or unique accommodation options, offering a high dose of authentic culture and class which is reflected throughout Hydra as a whole. It’s an ideal place for romantics, nature lovers, artists and old souls, regardless of what age you are. And situated just a three-hour boat ride from Athens, it’s the perfect excuse to escape the capital for an unforgettable getaway.  


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