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This winery’s main goal is to produce wines that are made up of the power of nature and the labours of man.
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The Kourti «Inovion» vineyards are organically grown, and the wine is made following the organic method, and with a Green Control certification.
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Winemakers Pavlos Argyropoulos and Andreas Pandos teamed up to produce a surprisingly sophisticated white wine from Assyrtiko, Chardonnay and Malagouzia grapes, called «Eratines Wishes» and two red wines, one of which is the much lauded «Nude King Syrah».
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Taste, smell and see a beautiful selection of different types of Ouzo. Alexandridis is one of the best ouzo-makers in the region who knows all about this spirit’s secrets.
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Established in 1996 by Apostolos Goulas, the vineyard now encompasses 3,000 acres of organically grapes in the village of Abeloi (whose name means vineyards). Also makes tsipouro (a Greek spirit).
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The Gazoritis Winery was launched in 2006 by the Boulios brothers and their pal Christos Tholoulis in renovated warehouses next to the Gazoros train station. A young fresh range of wines from cinsaut, cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay grapes, organically grown.
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The premier vineyard in Abeloi. Both the oak-barrel-matured dry red and dry white wines of this organic winery are considered some of the best from the region.
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Established in 1977 in the foothills of Mt Pangeon, the wines are certified organic by BIO Hellas. The estate produces a wide range of wines, from Cabernet Sauvignon to red merlot and syrah. Operates tours and has a reception building for tasting. (All year round)
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Ready for some award-winning wines and a fabulous wine museum? Head to the Gerovassiliou Estaste the foothills of Mount Epanomi just 25 km from Thessaloniki to surprise your palate with some delicious wines and learn about the best of winemaking in Greece.
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The 'kyathos' was the deep bowl used to collect wine from barrels before being ladled into drinking cups. A good name for this winery that makes a lovely dry muscat.
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This label is most known for its “Crinin” dry red, full-bodied and bountiful. The winery boasts organic vineyards as well.
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Resucitating a winemaking tradition begun by the Terzi family in 1926, the newer generation of winemakers has replanted its vineyards and is today producing a quality organic wine. The winery can be visited by appointment only.
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Dimosthenes Pagonas completed wine studies in 1993 and founded this label 10 years later. Drop by for some interesting wines indeed. (All year round)
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