Patmos fought to fight commercialization in its tourist infrastructure and faithfully maintained traditional building practices and architecture. This ensured that the island’s natural landscape and vital habitats and the ecosystems they support were able to flourish despite the island’s popularity.


The Lake and Wetlands of Petra

Nature enthusiasts will be intrigued by the stunning wetlands and unique ecosystem around Grikos and Petra. The lake and wetlands are a protected site where a vibrant ecosystem of wild ducks, swans and heron seek refuge. Take your time and walk or hike through the region. You’ll not only find a variety of birds, but a number of lizards as well. The area is one of Patmos’ most important natural habitats, and the lake and wetlands are an important stop for migratory birds.


Patmos’ Islets

Arki Islets are a network of tiny islands that not only boast pristine exotic beaches but also a vital ecosystem. They’re only accessible by boat - which you can find around Patmos’ main harbor - and trekking is the only way of touring these vital islets. Take your camera with you and admire all the wild birds, lizards and flora that create a unique ecosystem and the pristine habitat that offers them shelter. Birdwatchers will enjoy observing hundreds of birds that huddle in craggy rocks and along cliffs. Don’t miss out on the island’s environmental research center on Arki Islet. Then hike along the coast to find secret coves perfect for swimming.

Other Activities for Patmos

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