Wildlife in Corfu

Corfu’s protected habitats are the best places to see a variety of animals in their natural environments. Lake Korission and Antinioti Lagoon offer opportunities for nature-lovers to observe a variety of birds, turtles and terrapins. Vido Islet is home to pheasants, hares, partridges and rabbits. Also, a number of lizard species inhabit Corfu’s mountains


Volunteering in Corfu
If you’re looking for a more hands-on and rewarding experience, there are volunteer organisations on the island that provide visitors and locals a chance to help abandoned or abused animals heal.

 Corfu Donkey Rescue in Liapades is a safehaven for abused and abandoned Corfiot donkeys that not only welcomes visitors throughout the year but also trains volunteers in the everyday care of the donkeys. Tel.: +30 6947375992 Email: judyquin@otenet.gr www.corfu-donkeys.com

The Silva Project in Kanoni, also a charity, helps shelter and heal Skyrian horses in need and runs a riding centre that provides therapeutic riding lessons for children as well as regular classes. Tel.: +30 26610 30280 Email: thesilvaproject@gmail.com www.thesilvaproject.org

Other Activities for Corfu (Kerkyra)

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