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If you are a nature and adventure lover these people will guide you around and explore the area of Serres. Activities include trekking, horseback riding, archery, kayaking, canoeing and biking. No age limit.
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The sport is rapidly taking off in Greece. The ESEF offers training, excursions and advice.
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In its mission, the centre "allows people to cultivate feelings of love and respect for the environment, develop their organizational skills, cooperate to achieve common objectives, use their senses, test their endurance and overcome their fears by controlling danger."
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Just 5 kilometers from Ano Vrondou, on the mountain of the same name, the Centre for Alternative Tourism organizes canoe and kayak trips of the lake or gorge as well as many other outdoor activities.
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Established in 1977 in the foothills of Mt Pangeon, the wines are certified organic by BIO Hellas. The estate produces a wide range of wines, from Cabernet Sauvignon to red merlot and syrah. Operates tours and has a reception building for tasting. (All year round)
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Established in 1930, the Serres branch of Greek mountaineering organization is especially active in Macedonia. Also contact the branch in Nigrita, +30 23220 24924.
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Using traditional boats called 'plaves', visitors can experience the beauty of the water on the lake at a safe distance from the birds, enjoying the wet forest and birdwatching at the same time, all year round.
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Make a quick stop here to learn how the lake was created and what is being done to preserve and protect it for future generations.
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This is the place to go to learn what options for excursions there are on or around the lake. Also exhibits samples of plant life, insects, fowl and fauna in a mini museum.
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This organization polices the area to make sure no illegal hunting or intrusive practices are taking place.
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Out of nearby Thessaloniki, 2-hour canoe tours are provided by Odyssey Tours as well as custom-made packages.
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Organized excursions are conducted year-round by oikoperiigitis and open Serres up to the adventurer.
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