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Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Kathrin and Markos will unveil the real treasures of this island in engaging, informative and entertaining ways, from the forgotten nearby island of Thirasia to off-the-beaten-track tours.
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Enjoy a truly off the beaten path experience through a guided walking tour in Santorini. Explore whitewashed villages, discover hidden coves, enjoy amazing views, and gain precious insight about the jewel of the Mediterranean on your own terms.
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Travel in the majestic Santorini and explore the deep sea with its clean blue waters in Kamari. A highly trained team will guide you and reveal all the beauties of the sea world.
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This club has an experienced team that will guide you in the sea world of Santorini. Enjoy professional diving lessons and get a certificate.
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Navy's Waterworld Dive Center is located in Kamari. Dive and snorkel and have lessons with highly trained team. Try TerReck diving which is an unconventional way of diving at big depths.
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Santorini Dive Center on Caldera Beach near Akrotiri and on Perissa Beach. Dive in the deep blue waters. Organizes lessons where you get a certificate.
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