Milos Swimming

Some of the many beaches worth visiting are Lagkada, with its mineral baths, Apollonia, a popular resort where you can also take water taxis or a small ferry to the nearby island of Kimilos, Plathiena, a sandy beach near Plaka, and the long sandy beaches of Paleohori and Provotas. There are also hot springs at Paleohori.

There are several sandy beaches in the bay of Adamas as well as a salt water lake. Be sure not to miss the white pumice rock formations at Sarakiniko with the shipwreck on the rocks just around the bend, or the incredible blue sulfuric water at Papafragas.

The island of Kimilos which is also accessible by ferry from Pireaus is certainly worth a day trip and there are hotels, restaurants, beaches and excursions around the island to its beaches and thermal springs, so staying overnight or even several days would be an experience few tourists have.

Other Activities for Milos

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