The area around Monemvasia offers many beaches, some vibrant and others more quiet. Some such as Pori beach are more touristic with sun beds and umbrellas, while Pera Kakavos with its amazing view boasts water sports such as windsurfing. Mandraki beach is family oriented and also has many facilities. Xifias beach is long and sandy, with clear and warm waters. Kourkoula beach on the way to the castle is secluded from the wind. The further you go, the quieter it gets: Three kilometres from away is Pori, good for sports as well as walking. About 6 kilometres away theres Ambelakia Beach with many little gulfs and a handful of restaurants. More to the south there are other, more secluded beaches and gulfs to choose from.


In the municipality of Elos, a long beach starts at Kokkinia and meets the mouth of the Eurotas river, then goes on to Trinissa. This beach is an important biotope for the sea turtle Caretta Caretta, particularly near the Eurotas river delta, near the municipality of Skala. Sea turtles, plovers and sea lilies abound, so does the unique Linum phiosianum, which depend on sand hills for survival. This area has many natural features that set it apart.

Near the port city of Gytheio north of Mani lies a more popular beach of Karavi (ship), so called after the stranded rusting vessel abandoned on its coast.

In the Gulf of Lakonia there as a splendidly long beach called Trinasos, belonging to the municipality of Skala. It begins where the Evrotas meets the Municipality of Elos and crosses the municipality of Krokees. This is also an important beach where Caretta Caretta breeds.

The long beach at Valtaki, again a breeding place of sea-turtles, also belongs to the Municipality of Krokees, as do the tiny bays with crystal clear water at Trinissa.
The Asopos municipality with the coastal villages of Archangelos (with a blue flag beach) and Plytra boast good beaches and small hotels. Pretty beaches include those of Sarantinou and Boza beach. The beach of Plytra/Pachia Ammos is also a blue-flag beach.


Other award-winning blue flag beaches are:

Neapoli, within the municipality of Vies (or Vion),  Tigania, in the municipality of Molaon, Vathy and Gythio 2/Selinitsa in the municipality of Gythion, as well as Skoutari and Mavrovouni (1, 2 and 3).

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