Kea Swimming

At the port of Korissia (known also as Livadia), following the coast brings you to Gialiastraki which looks like an attractive and convenient beach, but its proximity to the waste treatment facility and blaring music makes it a poor choice for swimming.

A much better and cleaner beach is at Pisses, which is great for snorkelling when the sea is calm. Beyond Pisses the area of Koundouros offers many great small sandy beaches, even if the area is built up with villas and summer houses. Further on are the beaches of Kambi with acorn trees and the Vathirrema Gorge with brings you to the remote yet stunning beach of Liparo. Hikers may also discover the beaches at Mikres Poles and Ancient Karthea, which are more difficult to get to. (The journey back is a tough one).


The beach at Orchos is secluded and quite romantic, although it is best reached by motorbike or jeep, and there are no tavernas there. Many other beaches can be reached by foot paths, some of which have been paved. Generally, the east side of the island offers even more secluded beaches to discover.

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