Sailing in Serres

Though not as prevalent as outfitters of kayaking or canoeing in Serres, sailing is available on Lake Kerkini in the region’s northwest. The volume of this manmade body of water rises in the spring and drops in the autumn and contains a submerged forest, which would be wise to steer clear of with a hull. Sailing craft are available at either end of the lake, at Kerkini in the north or near the dam in Lithotopos. Some sailing can also be done in the Aegean at the port of Amphipolis in the Strymonikos Gulf.

If you are a nature and adventure lover these people will guide you around and explore the area of Serres. Activities include trekking, horseback riding, archery, kayaking, canoeing and biking. No age limit.
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In its mission, the centre "allows people to cultivate feelings of love and respect for the environment, develop their organizational skills, cooperate to achieve common objectives, use their senses, test their endurance and overcome their fears by controlling danger."
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Using traditional boats called 'plaves', visitors can experience the beauty of the water on the lake at a safe distance from the birds, enjoying the wet forest and birdwatching at the same time, all year round.
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