Rock Climbing in Serres

Amateur rock climbing can be practiced all over Serres. The Kroussa, Belles and Mavrovouni mountains overlook Lake Kerkini in the region’s northwest, while the peaks of Menikio and Vrontos meet up with the Rhodope range in the northeast. One good place to start is in Chionohori, also Hionohori, a traditional stone village (at 850 meters) at the base of Mount Menikion (at a height of 1,963 meters) deep in the Lailias Forest. For further details, contact the clubs in the area:


Hellenic Alpine Club of Serres (EOS in Greek), +30 23210 53790 The Alpine Club manages the ski centre at Lailias as well as running a mountain refuge high on Mt Pangeon.

Center for Alternative Tourism – Lodge Ano Vrondou. This ambitious adventure and activities camp organizes excursions throughout Serres. +30 23210 35375,

Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (EOOA) +30 210 364 5904, This umbrella organization for mountain climbing in Greece frequently schedules climbs of the many mountains in Macedonia, including Mount Olympus, where it was first founded in 1927.

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