Rock climbing in Kalymnos

If there’s one thing about this island that you’ll understand as soon as you see it, is that Kalymnos might as well be synonymous with rock climbing.


Showcasing countless routes for all levels, Kalymnos has become a top destination for rock-climbers all over the world, attracting over 2000 athletes each year. The island’s mild climate and ideal limestone mountains and crags make this the perfect holiday spot for adrenalin junkies and you’ll often find the top names in rock-climbing gearing up right beside you.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to train in the top rock-climbing spot in Europe under the supervision of qualified, certified teachers while if you’re an experienced climber you’ll relish the challenges the island’s ranges offer. In fact, rock-climbing is quickly becoming the island’s future – despite the fact that for centuries the mountains made life for the locals very difficult. It all began in 1997 when a group of Italian rock-climbers first came to Kalymnos and mapped out over 40 routes. The local municipality took over from there and, along with Greek climbers, mapped out over 1400 routes, most bolted with fixed anchors.


There are a number of very popular routes and ranges, including Grande Grotta, Arhi Palati, Spartacus and Odyssia. Climb the crags of Kalymnos and you’ll be rewarded with stalactite-framed views of a stunningly beautiful Aegean sea. Keep in mind that it does get very hot in Kalymnos in the summer.

Melitsahas, Myrties, and Masouri villages are the rock-climbers’ favorite hangouts, so head that way to find fellow adrenalin junkies and to sample the famous hospitality of Kalymnos. The locals always give rock-climbers the warmest of welcomes.

Discover Kalymnos’ beautiful mountains with Loukas Dournourekas, a highly skilled climber. Loukas has won many awards in national and international competitions for his climbing. Learn all about safety and how to climb even if you’re a beginner.
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Explore the island of Kalymnos and Telendos with Simon Montmory one of the best climbing instructors. Organizes tours accordingly to their experience or even if they don’t have.
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