Pottery in Lesvos

From antiquity to modern times, ceramics and pottery were key parts of Lesvos’ cultural, artistic and economic richness. Mandamadiotika koumaria, or ceramics in the Mandamadiotiko tradition, are famous for their design and popular as household items.

Head to Agios Stefanos village in the Mantamados area to take a peek into what it was like to run a traditional pottery workshop, because this village will take you back a century. Once a pottery center that exported ceramics to Egypt and Asia, you’ll feel like the area’s most famous potter, Mandamados, is still at work somewhere, huddled over his potter’s wheel.

Dotting Agios Stefanos you’ll find a number of workshops frozen in time, crafting household items using Mandamados’ timeless techniques. Purchase Mandamadiotika koumaria, which are pitchers made from argyle clay that are perfect for keeping water cool. Admire the traditional minimalistic designs that are the area’s trademark to this day.

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