Patmos is a perfect example of a tourist destination that resisted commercialization, and as such has preserved pristine ecosystems, wonderful natural landscapes and a variety of flora. Despite attracting thousands of visitors each year, nature lovers will rejoice in finding Patmos’ natural wonders untouched and ready for you to explore.

Patmos’ stunning mountains

Patmos boasts three mountains that offer nature lovers and ecosports enthusiasts a wonderful way of exploring the island’s natural beauty. Tour Patmos’ three mountains, without any routes to guide you, and you’ll feel like you’re on a true adventure. Genoupas Mountain and Hondro Vouno Mountain offer a number of lush landscapes for nature lovers, including small forests, herbal underbrush and a route through farmland that’s traditionally plowed using oxen. Then go up Profiti Ilias, the island’s highest peak, to admire the stunning view.

Patmos’ Islets

Arki Islets are a network of tiny islands that not only boast pristine exotic beaches but also a vital ecosystem. They’re only accessible by boat - which you can find around Patmos’ main harbor - and trekking is the only way of touring these vital islets. Take your camera with you and admire all the wild birds, lizards and flora that create a unique ecosystem and the pristine habitat that offers them shelter. Birdwatchers will enjoy observing hundreds of birds that huddle in craggy rocks and along cliffs. Don’t miss out on the island’s environmental research center on Arki Islet. Then hike along the coast to find secret coves perfect for swimming.


The Lake and Wetlands of Petra

Nature enthusiasts will be intrigued by the stunning wetlands and unique ecosystem around Grikos and Petra. The lake and wetlands are a protected site where a vibrant ecosystem of wild ducks, swans and heron seek refuge. Take your time and walk or hike through the region. You’ll not only find a variety of birds, but a number of lizards as well. The area is one of Patmos’ most important natural habitats, and the lake and wetlands are an important stop for migratory birds.

The Rare Arbutus Forest

If you’re eager to wander through one of only three surviving Arbutus forests in Greece, you must hike your way to Koumaro Forest. It’s located near the stunning Lambi beach, so hike through nature’s masterpiece then take a dip in waters where the seabed looks like a treasure chest studded with gems.


Lush Forests near the Cave of the Apocalypse

Hike your way through the lush pine and cypress forests around the Cave of the Apocalypse. It will be a wonderful way of getting a taste of Patmos’ serenity through nature. Don’t forget to explore the nearby Cave for a glimpse of Patmos’ religious history.

The Ravine of Prasovouno

Patmos revolutionized ecotourism by establishing the Paths of Culture, which essentially revived a network of ancient footpaths that guide hikers and walkers around the island’s many cultural and natural sites. If you’re an experienced hiker, follow the route from Skala to Prasovouno to explore a challenging but pristine landscape that leads you through a ravine, stunning cliffs and a lush forest.

Other Activities for Patmos

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