Nature/Flora in Magnesia (Pelion)

If you're into studying nature, you're going to love this gem of a place. The Centre for Research and Protection of Wild Orchids in Northern Pelion was established in 2012 and lies in the old school of the village of Kerasia, not far from Lake Karla.
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Lake Karla, between the prefectures of Larissa and Magnesia, was one of biggest in Greece and the most important in Thessaly, existing since ancient times.
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The Kouri forest is an important part of Almyros with its huge oak trees. It is a unique European forest in a plain about 1 km northwest of Almyros and 500 meters from Efxinoupoli.
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Mount Mavrovouni lies between Mount Ossa (Kissavos) and Pelion across an area of 390,000 square kilometers. Mount Othrys (1,760 meters) lies in the southwest part of Magnesia separating it from Fthiotida.
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Lying between the Aegean Sea and the Pegasitic Gulf, the Pelion mountain range is stunning in its nature and beauty against a backdrop of sea and sand. Its highest peak is Pourianos Stavros at 1624 meters.
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Around 55 km southwest of Volos lies Sourpi with 2,200 inhabitants. Its foundation dates back ito 1018 and the Damtsa Byzantine settlement near there, not far from the temple of Aghios Dimitrios.
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The team at Hotel des Roses offers three very interesting tours that involve hiking, archaeology, swimming, swimming, soap-making, culture and mountain climbing. Check them out:
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