Nature/ flora in Lefkada

Lefkada’s landscape and ecological variety will enchant nature-lovers and hikers. Forests, mountains, canyons, gorges and a lagoon offer visitors the chance to explore the more isolated parts of this beautiful island.

Another breathtaking area that’s a must-see for nature-lovers is Dimosari Canyon. Gushing waterfalls pool into exotic lagoons shaded by moss-draped oaks. This is a perfect swimming spot if you’re hiking in the summer, although the waterfalls and thick forest keep the temperatures comfortable. Take a break and drink some spring water – the locals swear it’s the best drinking water in the region.
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One of the most unique features of this beautiful island is the lagoon that’s located literally in the middle of town. Despite the noise from nearby traffic, birds adapted well and have made Gira Lagoon a favorite migratory stop, which makes for interesting birdwatching.
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If you’re looking for fairy-tale beauty, explore this enchanting gorge. Just follow the river as it winds through ancient oak, plane and elm trees skirted by wild rosebushes.
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Located up in the river-crossed mountains of Lefkada, this forest is made up of centuries’ old moss-draped trees, along with a very rare type of oak which can only be found in Lefkada and in a handful of other forests in Europe.
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