Nature and Flora in Lake Karla

The ecological abundance of this area is evident through a broad variety of characteristics such as a mountain, two wetlands, a spring and several natural habitats.


Mavrovouni is located between the plain of Thessaly and the Aegean Sea. Its northern shores are thickly forested while its southwestern slopes are covered in scrub. Two rare species of eagles survive here, the golden eagle and the snake eagle. 364,540 acres of the area are in the care of the Mavrovouni Special Protection Zone.

Polydendri Gorge

Starting from the lush beauty of Mavrovouni, with its picturesque natural lakes and thick vegetation and reaching all the way to the Aegean sea, the area provides wonderful organized opportunities for hiking, mountaineering and climbing. This was also the countryside royal residence, the royal estate of Polydendri.

Farsala Forest

South of the city of Farsala lies the scenic Farsala Forest, one of Greece’s 19 officially designated aesthetic forests. It occupies the northern slopes of Prophet Elias hill, covering 345 hectares. It mainly consists of pine and cypress trees as well as islets of natural vegetation. It is characterized as a suburban grove and it is an important recreational area for residents.

Kouri forest, Almiros Area

Kouri Forest, located around 1000 meters northwest of the town of Almiros in an area around 1150 acres in size (once as large as 20,000 acres). The lowland oak forest has a rare ecosystem by nationwide standards. The forest is covered mainly by fluff oak (Quercus pubescens) that’s around 160 years old, while Quercus ithaburensis var. macrolepis and Quercus pendunculiflora are also found there. Within the forest are two ponds, an outdoor chess board sized at 9 sq.m., a restaurant, cafeteria, and playground.

Source: TrekEarth 

Polydendri Forest

The forest is the area’s most admirable emblem because of its beauty and rich varieties of flora and fauna. It has been promoted to a national forest by the European Union as it is one the best organized forests in the country, offering a broad range of alternative activities such as hiking, rafting and rappel. On the side that’s near the sea, there are thickly forested slopes, gorges and cliffs. Check out our birdwatching section in Lake Karla to learn about all the bird species flourishing here.

If you're into studying nature, you're going to love this gem of a place. The Centre for Research and Protection of Wild Orchids in Northern Pelion was established in 2012 and lies in the old school of the village of Kerasia, not far from Lake Karla.
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