Nature/ Flora in Kefallonia


Kefallonia is a beautiful island precisely because of its lush green landscape and varied ecosystems. From lagoons to forests, mountains to cliffs and a number of rare species of flora, there is much for nature-lovers to admire and learn about on this island.


Standing at 1600 meters, Ainos is the tallest mountain in the islands of the Ionian and constitutes the smallest National Forest in Greece. The thick forest of Kefallonian firs is a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon and supports a vital eco-system.
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Another important spot for birdwatchers and hikers alike is Karavomilou Lake near Sami, where there are many ducks and the edge of the lake gives the illusion of merging with the sea.
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Another ideal location for walkers, cyclists and joggers who want to combine a sports-high with an eco-activity is Koutavos Lagoon.
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