Nature and Flora in Fthiotida

Natural habitats, protected areas, nature parks, gushing rivers, bubbling spas, pristine beaches, deep gorges and more all grace this stunning region and offer the eco-tourist a myriad of possibilities.


To illustrate, in Pelasgia there is the biotope of Pelasgia Beach, considered quite beautiful, as is Souvala. Kato Tithorea in Kifissohori offers grand parsk like the Agios Dimitrios park, while Tithorea/Velitsa is known for the Kahal Canyon, nature paths and verdant forest. Koumaritsi in the municipality of Gorgopotamos, lying at an altitude of 850 meters, offers rich woods with fir trees.


Not far off the Iti or Oiti National Park, which takes you up to the mountain lodge of Katovothres and to the Greveno Summit will unveil a fascinating diversity of unique animals and plants. Lelouda in Merkada, within the municipality of Agios Giorgos is home to amazing wild flora of many colours. In the municipality of Opountion you can visit the canyon along with the Kiahovrisi springs. The possibilities are endless.

Here's another municipality full of nature treasures. The spa town of Platistomo has natural springs set in lush greenery and plane trees. Makri also has woods of plane trees near the Sperhios River, as well as the only organization for protecting and nursing animals in the whole prefecture.
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The municipality of Molos has woods of of great beauty with cedars, oak trees, maritime pine trees, black pine trees and a lovely lake on the Souvala plateau. The area's ravines are full of different herbs protected by thre trees. Hills and canyons, some inaccessible yet beautiful, dot the landscape.
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This is an amazing national park. Climbers can reach it through Loutra Ipatis in the municipality of Ipati or Ypati, or by road from Kastania and Lihno. Visit the mountain lake of Livadates, discover rare herbs and wild flowers, and rejoice in the nature all around you.
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In the municipality of Sperchiada lies Goulinas at over 1,450 meters, a village hidden inside fir-tree and oak-tree woods. The picturesque valley of the Sperhios river, considered an aquatic habitat, from Kloni and going up towards Kallithea is especially pleasant.
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Wonderful nature awaits you at the municipality of Timfristos on the mountain side, between 600 and 1,100 meters in altitude. A stunning municipal fir-tree forest that takes up 3,000 acres boasts three streams (Mountzouraki, Hramba and Kati) which pour into the Sperhios river.
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Tithorea in Velitsa has very lush greenery with paths for hiking, and is home to the Kahala Canyon. Larimna (or Larymna) in Opountion also boasts a canyon where the Kiahovrisi springs are located.
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