Museums in Xanthi

The first level of this historic museum focuses on the history of the city and relics excavated nearby. Another section covers mythology, research and books written by ancient writers from Xanthi. There are old maps too. Ancient artifacts of public and private life in Xanthi as well as grave sites.
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located in Oikomeni-Sindina. It has a large selection of Children’s dolls and books. The museum is involved in a World Biennale for Children’s Art where 340,000 children participate from 140 countries to win the best art piece.
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Copperware and ceramic exhibits from the last 200 years, when the craftsmen from Constantinople were considered to be the best. Handmade pottery from the local region is a wonderful example of the artisans of the day from Xanthi.
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Dating from1841, this monastery is located at the Rodopi Mountains in Old town Xanthi and is for men only. It accepts donations for its preservation. The left wing houses an Ecclesiastic Museum.
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This old family mansion is located in Old Town Xanthi. The home belonged to the family of Vasileou Kalevra. This was the first public gallery founded in Xanthi. The gallery is owned by Christos Polides and houses 52 paintings.
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This museum houses traditional arts and crafts of Stavroupolis from the 1800-1900s. It displays traditional dolls and furniture of village life during that period.
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Once an old mansion owned by wealth Tobacco merchants from the 1920s, today the museum has been totally renovated and houses impressive paintings, plus the architecture of the home depicts that period and specifically the ceiling is a must see for home restoration enthusiasts.
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This museum is historically significant to the history of Xanthi’s business and commerce. It is worth visiting if one is interested in reading about the Tabocco trade which was once the main revenue in that part of Greece.
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This museum was founded to give the visitor an understanding of the cultural style of dressing that represented the individual Xanthian persona. Each region of Greece has a traditional costume.
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