Museums in Trikala (Meteora, Pertouli)

Once a soft-drink manufacturing and bottling company, the factories now house exhibitions featuring household objects, manuscripts, old photos as well as machines and contraptions from the Kliafa factories’ history.
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Located in the Varoussi district, the Arts Center boasts a record of the creative life of a number of Greece’s prominent musicians, including Vasili Tsitsani who is a native of Trikala.
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Dating back to 1665, this old stone watermill is fully functional and has been restored to house a hydroengineering museum to portray the power of this clean source of energy.
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Natives of Trikala are proud of their illustrious heritage, and this museum in the Cultural Center unveils their history and local customs and lifestyle. Admire beautiful needlework, antique costumes, pottery artifacts, old maps, and domestic objects used by Trikala’s families in the past.
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Other Activities for Trikala (Meteora, Pertouli)

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