Syros Museums

From prehistoric findings to weapons and artwork, this museum contains a vibrant collection of artefacts and objects from Syros and other Cycladic islands, such as Hellenistic inscriptions and sculptures.
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Near the central square of Ermoupolis (Miaouli) there is a museum with a robust collection of Cycladic art from excavations undertaken in Syros and other islands in the Cyclades.
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Reflecting the successful commercial history of the island, the Industrial Museum is comprised of three separate buildings (previously Aneroussis lead factory, Kornilakis tannery and Katsimantis paintworks) within the Technical Cultural Centre, right in the Ermoupolis' industrial zone. A relic from the Greek industrial revolution if ever there was one, this museum houses equipment and machinery related to textile, tannery, food processing and ship building among others, emphasizing the island's commercial success in its hay days.
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Established in 1995 in Ano Syros, the Vamvakaris Museum was originally the house of a local troubadour – Markos Vamvakaris – born there in 1905. The bouzouki and 'rebetika' player, singer and composer inspired a yearly festival that is now held in Ano Syros in his honor. The museum houses his personal effects as well as lyrics, manuscripts, photos and instruments.
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The sophistication of the city of Ermoupolis and how its upper crust used to live is evident at the Velissaropoulos mansion. Intricate ceiling drawings and wall murals betray the strong European influence of this small city, reflected in the intricate artwork of this mansion. The building was designated as a work of art in 1987.
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